Thursday, 30 June 2016

30/30 - clubhouse

The kids discovered a little nook behind the armchair and declared it immediately their clubhouse.

Several happy afternoons and evenings have been spent behind there...including Miles too (he just escaped before I grabbed this photo). 

All happily, cosily crammed in together, they gave themselves club-names (Zeb, Archo and Violet, lol), wrote out club-rules (posted on signs on the wall nearby), filled a box with club-house-stuff and ... well, you get the drift. There seems to be a lot of club requirements, haha - all on theme!


This is the stuff of childhood. The magic of childhood. The memories of childhood... or so I hope - who can say! But it's been a joy to track my trio a little more closely over this past 30 days.

Yep, that's the end of my little Documenting Delight challenge in June! Thirty days flew by! While I didn't get as creative with the photos as I'd hoped (blah!), I am grateful that I took the time to capture those little family moments. Perhaps I will make it a regular thing each January?? As summer holidays may be a little easier to capture than wintery June!

Here is where I admit that what spurred me along on this sentimental project is that I will soon be going back to part time work. after eight years at home with the kids. Got me all nostalgic and even more eager to soak up these little moments of childhood. More on that to come....soon-ish!

Thanks for following along! xx

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  1. This reminds me of my girls' "Book Nock" in their cupboard in their bedroom. It was supposed to be a book nook, but Arabella spelled it wrong and it's been the Book Nock ever since. Lots of cushions and a torch for sneaky reading time. x


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