Wednesday, 22 June 2016

22/30 - blissed out

Blissed out on (raspberry cacao) Bliss Balls while licking a spoon covered in coconut oil.

Blissed out on our quiet home day ritual. He lunches at the kitchen bench while I potter around the kitchen, preparing home staples (yoghurt, muesli, school snacks for the freezer, etc), doing dinner prep, and the never-ending cycle of cleaning and wiping benches over and over and over.

Blissed out on the chatter that peppers our day, hearing his charming thoughts and quirky ideas and silly stories - a three year old boy unfurling before my eyes. I am reminded that when it comes to time with your children, a whole lot of seemingly 'nothing' really adds up to 'something'.

Blissed out on the the blessings and privilege of being a stay at home mum, whiling away the days alongside this funny little bear. How sweet it is. This era will soon be ending, I want to soak up every drop while I can!

PS Yes, I am heading back to the office soon. The end of my 8 year stint as a SAHM. Will write a post about that soon....ish!

Documenting delight, every day in June.

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