Saturday, 4 January 2014

camp challenge // part one

On December 27th, we made our annual pilgrimage to Camp Challenge - a Christian family camp that we attend every year. This year, camp was at a beautiful, leafy new venue south of Sydney, which seemed to imbue the camp with an added dose of energy and excitement. We had a wonderful time - spiritually refreshed, encouraged, relaxed, filled up with good conversation, laughter, and memorable moments. 

It was five days of faith, family, friends and fun.... oh yeah - and food which I do not have to plan, buy, prepare or cook. Can I even explain how delightful it is to have three meals, three snacks, one dessert and drinks every day for my family with no forethought from me? It's awesome ;) Love strolling into the dining room each day to peruse what's on the chalkboard menu - and it was alllll so delicious!

*cough cough* enough about the food, huh?! ;)

We shared a two bedroom cottage with our dear friends, the W* family. Our four cherubs shared bedtime stories and
many, many giggles and adventures! They are Camp Challenge pros, having attended together for the past four years :)

These two Dads... they are some of the very best, I gotta say! How blessed these kids are to have such devoted fathers.

Warming up with a little singing in the Preschool daily bible class! Lots of stories, singing, craft and activities for
our busy little people from such loving, devoted teachers.

Gathering for the daily 'Prayer and Praise' time - always so encouraging, hearing everyone raising the roof in song!

Face stuffin' with muffins!

Graham was playing with my camera and snapped a shot of Miles and I. Well, can't pass up a rare shot like that :) 

Just another thing we love about Camp. Looking over and seeing this lovely young lady sharing laughs and games with Miles. So many gorgeous interactions through all generations. I love that my kids get to be part of this beautiful, rich Christian community.

Kids planning hijinks on the playground. We hardly saw the kids all camp, as it was such a great space with lush grass to run, trees to climb and an awesome playground in sight of the main building. They seem to mature 6 months in the space of camp, exposed to so many new experiences, interacting and playing with all kinds of people, playing, learning, growing. Loved seeing them off playing with other kids, teens and adults, forming their own special bonds. Blessed.


Arm in arm with her dear friend, Ella

Two little angels with one photobombing little brother :) Love the light shining
from within and without!

Grubby/happy camping feet ;)

This sweet girl, Georgia was such a treasure, the kids simply adored her. Especially when she braided Lily's hair - and mine too!

None of the family could bear to break into the sweet gingerbread house the kids made at Christmas, so we took it along
to camp and decided to 'auction' it off at the fundraising night which helps fund others to attend camp who can't afford it otherwise. The kids were so proud when our little house raised $85!!! (People are very generous for a good cause!)

Well, I think I will break the camp photos up into two batches so I don't overload :) It was a big week! Just a little longer to enjoy the memories, I guess...

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  1. What a big week for you guys! Looks like you all had so much fun together. I love that not preparing meals got such a big mention from you. I would be ranking that up the top too ;) All the kids shots are wonderful. It's great to see them playing and interacting wit such a wide range of children. Love that photobombing pic - so funny!


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