Thursday, 26 December 2013

christmas day

Another Christmas come and gone. 

Filled with food and family and very happy children... it was simple, sweet and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The day just unfolded rapidly as it does, moving from giddy gift opening and a small family brunch at our place, to extended family feast at my Papa's. Christmas malaise sets in and so we watched the day unfold with a few snaps here and there - didn't manage any 'fancy' family photos! Suffice to say, the children had a wonderful day. This year, I felt like we got the gift quota for the kids pretty much right - some small stocking goodies, one main gift each and then a few lovely, thoughtful gifts from family. It was just enough for them to truly enjoy and appreciate all that they received, and it was just delightful to see them unwrap, gasp and enjoy! They were content and grateful for what they got - and I was so happy to see that. 

Lily was most excited of all to give her gift to me (a Santa chocolate she has seen at the shops with Daddy and had begged to purchase for me). She had eagerly wrapped it and been cajoling me to open it for days!! Oh, she is just like her Mama! haha. A precious gift, just so heartfelt. 

Most of all, it was a lovely day to spend with family, just relaxing (and eating!) together. Still completely exhausted by the end of it, of course. All that fun takes it out of you ;)

Christmas Eve: She insisted on helping prepare the Cinnamon Scrolls for the next morning (we snack on them whilst
opening pressies!)

Christmas Eve: Special treat of eating dinner in the lounge room (hence the drop sheet!!) whilst watching A Muppet Christmas Carol - one of Mark's faves! A cosy way to pass the evening before reading our last Christmas Advent book,
scattering reindeer food and tucking some very excited kiddies into bed.

Trio under the tree in their new Christmas Eve PJ's! Just opened along with
their new books (as per tradition). Snuggles, books, then bed!

There is nothing quite as special as experiencing Christmas through the eyes of your young children. Just so blessed!

The privilege of parenting is 'stuff the stockings' just before bed (well, just Lily and Eli's!) and leaving the tree lights to twinkle all night till very excited children creep out of bed the next morn...

In the basket/manger, cosily filled with 'hay' made of good and kind deeds, a
little one appears! ;) A reminder to the children of the Greatest Gift we remember
on this day.

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house.... not a creature was stirring, except for Mum ;)

Christmas Day: Gleefully digging into stockings the next morning!

His very own 'Tap Tap' boards!
Lily unwraps the gift she has been begging for, for months... a camera! (In 24 hours she has taken 350 photos!!!!)

Absolutely thrilled. 'This is the best present I ever got' she declared over and over. She's been snapping away like a pro!
I wasn't going to get Miles a gift, as we don't usually for those too young to remember it! But I remember he
needed a 'name sign' for his door and Etsy came through once more! He was impressed ;)

Eli and Daddy trial the cousin's new motorised toy

Tank Girl

A lot of this going on!

This little 'helicopter' pull toy was an absolute hit!!

Miles enjoys snuggles with his beautiful Auntie Alex. Both looking a little bit cheeky/coy here!

Clearing up from the decadent traditional Christmas Feast....

Boxing Day: Also known as 'Play with all the new toys'  Day :) 


  1. What a gorgeous day for you and your family. I love all the present opening shots you got. Lily's face when she opened the camera is pure joy. What a moment to capture forever. I am so glad that you got her a "real" camera rather than the ones that are marketed as Kids camera's. I know that Lily will take good care of her beloved new camera so I don't think you will have to worry too much. I can just imagine that the photo count over the week would be HUGE! I am going to tuck that present idea away for next year for Finn and Harper. I think they would love their own. That way they can annoy me with their photo requests just I have over the years! Ha, ha!
    Glad to see that Eli has already tested his water tray table out - he'll love that one! My kids use their regularly :)
    It looks like you had a relaxed and special day - just what you wanted! Merry Christmas lovely Jennings Family! xxxx


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