Tuesday, 24 December 2013

random acts of (christmas) kindness!

Just wanted to post a collection of Christmassy moments in the lead up to the 'big day' itself...

The kids and I went down to the local shops two days before Christmas to try out our first 'Random Acts of (Christmas) Kindness'. Sometimes having kids in tow gives you a bit of bravery to do things outside the box! It was a really fun experience. We were going to buy flowers to hand out but ended up making extra salt-dough ornaments to give, inscribed with words like 'joy' 'hope' and 'love'. Hopefully, people enjoyed the personal touch ;) 

I am still chuckling at the memories of Eli barreling cheerily up to unsuspecting, busy shoppers entering the shops - he would thrust the ornament at them whilst shouting 'Merry Christmas!!! 'Dis for you!!! You put it on your tree!!' Haha. It was gorgeous. People quickly moved from utter confusion to surprised to touched and very happy. They loved it, the kids loved it and I loved watching it all unfold. We handed out about 25 ornaments in quick succession. There was a little squabbling over who got to give out the next one (ahem!) but apart from that, the kids had such a great time. It was fairly comical seeing them at times literally chase people down who were zooming past with shopping carts, not realising the kids were trying to actually give them something!

It was such a blessing to bring smiles to the faces of so many strangers (interesting to think of their unknown stories), to pray this little kindness touched their lives in some way and hopefully brought just a little extra Christmas cheer and blessing! 

Awaiting  their next 'victim' haha.

She said she was making a 'story teller' - sticky taping all these pages together and
drawing a different picture for each page to tell her story. 'Taller than her' she says!
It's even longer now... and her creativity is never ending.

Is there anything more handsome than a husband folding laundry whilst
babywearing?? I think not!!! :)

Thanks to Aldi's awesome kits, we made our first gingerbread houses! It was SO fun!! My dear friend Caroline came to
stay the night - she assisted Lily and I helped Eli. Such a cool project! As you can see, a great deal was sampled as well
as assembled ;)

Lovely Caroline (who had just had her hair done by the kids!!) and Lily
adding more and more and more lollies...
'a light snow'

Just a little bit happy with his finished product!!

She was beyond proud!

We said the kids could eat (some!) of one, and save the other for Christmas day celebrations.
This is how you unassemble a gingerbread house, right?!! ;) 

'Walking in a Winter Wonderland'A blurry shot I just had to include - the kids happily strolling through the lights on our second Xmas light outing

Three kids on a sleigh :)PS Miles is such a gem. Taken from his bed (fast asleep), he happily got toted
about town for two hours, just smiling and looking around at the lights,
then came home and went right back to bed without a peep. Wonder Baby ;)

A shot with Santa... um, first one ever I think?! He was very friendly and the
kids were very excited to see him 'What have you got for me?' Eli said!!!

Just love this place. Totally OTT, covered in toys, the kids go bananas for it :) 

Really soaking up the sensory experience!

This guy was singing all the Christmas classic songs and the kids just went wild dancing around in front of him. 

Lily was just in some kind of zone, leaping around and dancing with an abandon and joy we had never seen before! 

Bring on Christmas... our family is ready and excited! 

And to my lovely readers,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for checking in on this little space and our lives :)

Love and blessings to you all xx


  1. I am in love with Lily's pose in that last photo - sheer exuberance! Beautiful to see!
    So lovely to see what your gorgeous family has been up to in the lead up to Christmas! Wishing you all a very merry Christmas filled with family, fun and God's blessings. :) xxx

  2. What beautiful 'lead up to Christmas' moments and shots! Love the 'acts of kindness' idea. Could you guys get any more sweeter and kinder? I think not ;) I can just hear Eli approaching the shoppers with his sweet little phrase :) LOVE.
    Your Gingerbread houses were so cute! Next year I am going to get the kids to make two too. We made one on Dec 20th I think and I said that they couldn't eat it till Christmas Day (as I wanted it to be on the table on Christmas). Oh dear, the wait! It was torture....for everyone! Lesson learnt and next year there will be two! Awesome lesson is patience though ;) ;)
    The Christmas lights and Lily dancing shots are great!


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