Tuesday, 10 December 2013

miles.tones // 10 months

Overjoyed to be 10 months!

Little man, ten months old! Another month with our ray of sunshine...

This is about his ninth month...


Miles is doing fine on two naps and rarely needs that third catnap anymore. Even on school days, he can usually make it from wake up to bed time. Two naps! Such a big boy!

His general routine is thus -

7.30am - Wake, breastfeed, play, breakfast
9.30am - Nap
11.30am - Wake, breastfeed, play, lunch
1.30pm - Nap
4pm - Wake, Breastfeed, Play, Dinner
7pm - Bed prep, Top Up Feed
7.30pm - Bed :)

Miles.tones and More...

He loves to sit up and play. He loves to clap and play peekaboo. He is now commando crawling, and with that and his determined rolling and pulling up and over things, he can get anywhere he wants to go.  Yes, we had to pull out the 'baby cage' (aka playpen) for some playtimes as we were losing him otherwise!! (and he was getting all manner of tiny things in his mouth). I am trying to encourage him to do 'proper crawling' instead of commando crawling, as I know it's so important developmentally, but the boy is taking no notice of me and doing things his own way! I'm sure he will get there when he is good and ready ;) 

He is putting away an amazing amount of food. Hungry boy! And his dexterity with manipulating various pieces of food is amazing to watch - and handles his own sippy cup too (when I remember to offer it!).

I know there are lots of other updates I am not remembering, but it's a crazy busy month so this will have to do for now! (Sorry Miles, this month is so brief!)

All in all - full of laughter and giggles, games and cheekiness, we just love this kid :)

The collage is getting very full....

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