Wednesday, 4 December 2013

nine years wed // an anniversary

From here to there in nine impossibly short yet gloriously busy years...

Our ninth wedding anniversary today.

Nine. Ever so close to that illustrious ten year milestone (Mark is already making plans!).

It's been nine beautiful years with the man I love more today than I did on that hazy summer day when we exchanged our vows. What did I know then? Nothing, except that I loved him, he loved me, we loved God and we were promising to be together forever. Two kids, really. Stepping out together on a beautiful adventure - full of highlights, lowlights, the mundane and the extraordinary. Such is the stuff of marriage. Our love and our faith keep us together as we walk this path of life. I am just so ridiculously grateful to walk alongside him.

Nine years, three homes, and three kids later.... he is still my favourite person to be with, and a better husband, friend and father than I could ever have dreamed of or prayed for. I can hardly comprehend this little/big tribe we've made and the happy home we have created!

Utterly thankful for this man of mine. He is simply... the best.

Happy anniversary, my love. Thank you for being so wonderfully You xx

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  1. Congratulations! So lovely that your hubby is already planning celebrations for your 10th anniversary!


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