Saturday, 21 December 2013

51/52 - Her last day of Preschool + Brothers in Arms


Her last day of Preschool.

I had been so focused on the 'first day of Kindergarten' that is coming up, that this day kinda crept up on me!

And yet, she completed her first year, and, oh how well she did! 

I am not sure if we are the last state in Australia to still have government-funded Preschool (2.5 days a week of play-based schooling before the first formal full time school year), but I am so very grateful we do! It is such a wonderful and gentle introduction to the routine and structure of school life, while also being beautifully play based, creative and nurturing. The social experiences and numerous enriching activities have been just wonderful for my little girl.

She has grown, flourished, matured.... and now Kindy awaits! :)


We are pretty strict on the table manners around here, but you just can't deny a child's right to slurp spaghetti, can you?!! Actually, even Daddy was getting in on the fun!

Seriously, we must be animals ;) 

Eli - spaghetti-slurping champion!


It's been a while since I made one of these, but this week I whipped up a little shaker toy for Miles (just water, food dye, glitter!) and....well... as you can see he was pretty entranced by it!

Ohhhh, he makes me smile!

PS Let's be honest, this blog is as good as it gets for this boy's baby book, so I will record here that Miles said his first proper word this week at 10 months -  'More, more!'. I took a toy out of his hands for some reason and he squawked in disapproval (a first for this chilled out little dude!) and said 'More, more!'. He is also saying/signing 'More, more' (unprompted) when he wants more food at meal times too.  He looks at his hand making  the sign, laughs and looks just sooooo proud of himself to be communicating what he wants. So cute :) Let the demands begin ;)

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

Sticky taping a 'thankyou' Christmas card and treat for the Postie. Oh, you should have heard her shriek with joy
when she checked later that day and it was gone!! She was just absolutely tickled :) 'How did he know?!!! We have to do this every year, Mummy!!!'

Decorating Christmas tree cookies. Aldi makes the best little kits for
stress-free Xmas baking :) So glad I splashed out on these (well, only $3 or so,
but splash out as in wouldn't normally buy a packet mix!). The kids loved them
and just so quick and easy and fun to do!

Well, I guess someone has to take care of the left over sprinkles!!

It's Christmas/party season, and the Sartorial planets align when I realise both boys have (hand-me-down!) Ralph Lauren Polo shirts that not only fit  them both this summer but are in Christmas colours, no less! What are the chances?!

A little impromptu photo session at the lovely birthday party we attended had to happen. Miles was dreadfully overtired (kinda forgot to put him down to nap!... oops), so a little less his cheery self in these photos. But when these two get together, there are always a million precious moments...

Brothers in arms...

The hand  just casually /affectionately rubbing his little brother's head? Just slays me!

Did you ever see a more joyful face? Pure sunshine!

Ready to go sing Christmas carols and deliver card and small gifts to the
neighbours. And I just realised they are in last year's Xmas PJ's. Wow,
look at those long legs, they really have grown!!

Eli's 'crazy face'. Things get wild when this face appears (accompanied by hooting and hollaring!)

Although the cropping doesn't show the height difference, I can see the change in her face. She has really grown!

Ready to go spread some cheer! (iphone pic)

I took the kids carolling at a nursing home this week. It was something I had hoped to do with them for a long time, and it was just a beautiful experience. Though Lily had been the eager one beforehand (even informing me she planned to sing solo!) she visibly shrank in shyness after we arrived and saw all the unfamiliar faces. Eli, bold and gloriously three, had no such qualms. He happily strolled up to each resident, introduced himself 'I'm Eli, E-L-I!' and sweetly sang his tune. Precious boy, he did so wonderfully and won so many hearts with his sunny, friendly nature. I was really proud of Lily too, because although she felt really shy once we arrived, she knew just how important it was to give this gift of song and cheer to these residents, so she dug deep and joined in with the singing and chatting.... a little quiet, but she was there and she was a rich blessing with her sweet spirit.... gently touching the hands of those unable to respond or move, and kindly making conversation with those who wanted a chat.

We sang simple Christmas songs to various little groups and individuals as we made our rounds, and the kids just brought so many happy smiles and inspired quite a few singalongs too! And  yes, as I stood behind them at one point as their sweet voices trilled 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' and three dear old ladies grinned and sang along, I did get a tear in my eye!! I was just super duper proud to see the joy and blessing they could bring. It was a privilege to be part of.

I hope we did bring some Christmas cheer to all those lovely residents - and the staff too who seemed so happy to see the kids being cute and chatting away (they are so busy and understaffed at this time of year!). And for my kids, I hope we planted a seed in their hearts - that they may remember the privilege of giving time and love to others during this season - and all year round too. Because at this time of year, we not only remember how utterly loved we are by Jesus through His gift of life, but we can share His love through good and kind deeds. We are so thankful to be rich in family and blessings, and to be able to share that with other more isolated members of our community. It was a simple outing but the experience was precious - and fun! Already looking forward to next year... perhaps we will expand our repertoire beyond three carols ;)

(We wish you a Merry Christmas, Jingle Bells and Away in a Manger, if you were curious!!)


  1. I came across your site through a comment you left at a service post by The Humbled Homemaker. I just love hearing about how others teach their kids to serve! I especially appreciate that you and your young kids went and sang carols at a nursing home! So many people are scared to visit those buildings full of lonely people. You are awesome!

    1. thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment :) it was a really uplifting experience for us all and i really hope the kids learn (over time) of the many blessings there are in serving others. and yes, going to such places can be intimidating even for adults... in some ways, having the kids to take makes even me more confident to do things like this where i woudl perhaps be intimidated to go on my own! they lead the way in many areas :)

  2. Oh congratulations to your big girl!! I bet she's excited about next year!!

    Miles mesmerised by the glitter is just too cute.

    I love that you went caroling, you're awesome!

    1. thanks! yes lily is a little nervous but mostly proud/excited about her first year in kindy!

  3. Utterly gorgeous Kate. I love those two comparison preschool shots. Really shows the growth in one year - yikes! We are so lucky in the ACT to have such a gentle introduction into formal schooling. I couldn't think of a better way for our two to start "school".
    Brothers shot - SO UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS. Print 'em up baby! Now!
    Postie present - Doing that one next year too! You are always an inspiration Kate :)

  4. How old is Lilly now? In Victoria we have 2 full days at 4 year old kinder. Then you go to prep, full time school. Is what your calling kinder what we call prep?

    1. it gets so confusing huh!!! Preschool is part time school (sounds like 4yr old kinder?). Kindergarten here is the first year of full time school (then year one etc). I used to live in Melb so i shoudl remember but I think our Kindy here is your Prep :) after prep for you is Yr 1, right? why dont they make it all the same?!!?? ;)

    2. Yes so confusing! Haha yes after prep is grade 1. So our prep and your kinder are the same thing! Phew, glad we got that cleared up! I've been catching up on all your blog posts. Looks like your Christmas was magical! Hope 2014 is a blessed year for you all! Xxxx

    3. yep looks like kinder/prep are the same :) aw thanks for reading! yes we had a lovely xmas!! hope you did too - when are you due??? i am excited for you :)

    4. Due March 12, 9 weeks to go. Not that I'm counting haha I'm getting excited too with a little anxiety thrown in ha! Pregnancy is a hard slog, but worth it in the end! Enjoying the days of silence whilst I can! Xx


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