Tuesday, 7 January 2014

camp challenge // part two

The final days of Camp...

The Annual (No!) Talent Night. Always a fantastic and entertaining eveing. Lots of talent and even more non-talent, haha. By the end my cheeks are always seriously hurting from all the laughter, I love how everyone gets involved! I host the evening and each year my kids get braver about wanting to be involved. This year Lily decided she wanted to sing her Japanese colours song she learnt at school. Always uncertain how these things will unfold, and whether she would go through with it, I stood back in awe as she stood bravely at the mike and sang the whole thing clearly and sweetly :)

...and then it was Eli's turn. He moseyed up to the mike to sing his chosen song 'Read
your Bible'. Got two bars in, heard how loud his voice was (and saw the crowd) and
dissolved into a fit of giggles. And more giggles. Nerves combined with quite a bit of ham :)
Totally playing up to the crowd who were roaring with laughter. Finally I started singing
a bit and he joined in and sang a verse in the cutest little voice - before realising where the
real fun was and started laughing again! That's my boy... such a clown ;) 

Shall I even mention the third song?? When Lily wanted to sing one last song, and Eli wanted to sing with her too (a little miscommunication about who was singing!), so when he tried to get his part of the mike action, she promptly elbowed him out of the way!?? Then he got upset, started crying, and we had to wrap up the whole thing lickedy-split??? Ummm, no, maybe I won't mention that!!!! ;)

The gorgeous grounds! 

New Year's Eve. The dress up theme was 'Booktastic' and my kids chose
these 'book characters' (a loose definition!) - Tinkerbell and Spiderman!

Love love love each other (aside from a little elbowing!)


Very proud fairy/princess/ballerina (all her fave things combined, haha)

I laugh every time I see this. His  signature dance move. Oh, Eli. I do love you so!!

Mmmmm, could there be a more 'stereotypical' boy/girl juxtoposition?!

Can't stop laughing at him in this mask. Too cute. Only a matter time before the
Superhero costumes appeared, I guess??

What are we?? Can't you guess? Come on..............
Ok, we are Book Marks!!! ;) Yes, we are dorks and proud of it, haha.
(Sadly I left Miles adorable pirate costume at home, boohoo!)

Eli found a best friend at Camp and her name was Georgia. He was (and still is) obsessed with her. Just adoooores her and talks about her constantly :) Such a sweet girl to take time to hang with my little guy - can you see the awe in his eyes?! :)

Ahhh, it was a wonderful camp. So thankful for this annual time of retreat and spiritual refreshment! Already so looking forward to 2014 :)


  1. Ummm those photos of Lily and Eli together adoring each other are really adorable Kate! I loved them. And Eli is such a funny one! He might be the next big comedian ;)

    1. aw thanks andi, i love them too esp w the bush background. love the sibling love. and yes eli may well be a comedian the rate he is going..... he can make anything into a comedy act... (though it does get old for his poor mother at times!!!!) ;)


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