Friday, 10 January 2014

miles.tones // eleven months

Oh, Miles. Ever so nearly one...

Love those ringlets forming!

You are...

Our little sunshine. You say Mama, Dada, Bye Bye (with an adorable wave to yourself) and your very favourite - More More! You love to shout this from your highchair, requesting more food, along with the hand sign and a proud grin 'cos you know you are communicating all by yourself. Clever boy! Just like Eli, it seems baby sign is not going to be much use as you quickly prefer to say the words rather than needing to sign. You still tend to talk and sign at the same time though, and I will still sign new words as needed. You are army crawling everywhere, getting into everything, pulling up and maneuvering under and over all manner of obstacles. You love to clap and mimic you siblings.

You have six big chompers (soooo sharp!), delicious curls forming and a determination to make your way into every nook and cranny of this world (chomping on everything you come across!). The things you have gotten into your mouth already makes me shudder!

Although you are moving into my (ahem) lesser preferred age season of extreeeeeeme busy-ness and mobility, (the 10-18 month zone - coupled with limited communication and attention span...eek!), enjoying your wonder as you explore the world, gain new skills and grow into your sunshiney personality makes it all worth it. Even if I am constantly fishing all manner of things out of your mouth. You just get cuter every day - if that's even possible - and the whole family just can't stop smothering you in kisses and love. What a blessed little treasure you are.

(Sorry this is a short update, gotta get it done before you actually turn one!!)

So time to confess that for the last few months, in order to get these shots of Miles in his back with his cute singlet...
I have had to (gently, lovingly!) pin hold his little body down with my feet while I quickly snap a handful of shots, otherwise he is rolling and crawling away within seconds. But every now and then he escapes, haha! He is so cheeky and laughs the whole time as I rapidly fire off a snaps of the camera!

Drat... escaped again!!! ;)

Oh, we love you, baby boy. Can't believe we shall shortly celebrate an entire year of knowing you. I cannot fathom our family without you. Thanks for making us complete, you little treasure!


  1. What a great idea! Love those ringlets. ROFL at you pinning him down with your feet!

  2. Miles! You're not nearly one!!! I refuse to believe it!!!!

    1. i refuse to believe it either!!!! and lil' daisy will be there before we know it??

  3. Oh he curls! I little mini Eli in the making. I wonder how long you will go before the big chop-chop ;)
    I can't wait to see this pulling him self up action. Yep, he is going to be in the "moving" phase soon! I love how our "Stage preference" is so difference. I'm not great with the newborn stage and even up to about 7mths. LOVE the moving stage that Miles is entering though!
    Miles being ONE. I'm not sure I can allow that? Can't be he be "baby Miles" forever??!! ;)

    1. want to borrow him for a few months?? ;) well, we would miss him dreadfully, of course :)


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