Saturday, 11 January 2014

1/52 - a day on the water

And so we go, embarking on another Project 52 in 2014! 

I feel like I want to do things a little differently this year (freshen things up a little!), but I am not exactly sure how just yet. So, for now I shall commence in the 'old style' and see if I decide to change things up a little along the way. This is actually a big step for me, as I do not like to change things mid-stream, I like to commit and fulfill the 'plan'.... mmmm, personal growth, flexibility and all that, haha! ;) We shall see what unfolds.

I am even posting this 1/52 almost two weeks late, as not only have I been deliciously stuck in holiday (slow) mode, but also still blogging (when I get a chance) about all the other holiday happenings. But time to get cracking on 52... so here 'tis!


We spend an absolutely glorious day on my dearest stepbrother and sister-in-love's boat. We had a whirlwind couple of days in Sydney after Camp Challenge - and what could be sweeter this summer than boating around one of Sydney's beautiful harbours??

The surprise of the day was Lily insisting she wanted to jump into the water from the boat!! She was equal parts determined and terrified. Firstly, she wanted to dive into the water but couldn't quite convince  herself to take that leap. In the end, she clambered down the ladder into that deep and wide ocean... tickled as pink as her very pink hat at her own bravery. 


Oh, my boy had a blast at sea. He just loved watching the boats, cheerily waving at everyone who passed, and of course - intently watching out for fish (and sharks!!). Thankfully we saw plenty of the former and none of the latter. Well, I was thankful, Eli was disappointed!

Those little super-blonde patches at his temple? His Daddy has the exact same thing. So cute. Like father, like son.


Sooooooo many funny caption possibilities for this quizzical expression. 

So many I can't even choose one... but this look basically sums up Miles' take on this strange water adventure (and his life-vest!).


One thing I am going to do a little differently this year? Include my beloved husband in this little weekly round up! After all, he is a rather (completely) essential part of this family and as adorable as my children are, I still love him the mostest :)

And so... I thought it might be fun to turn my photographic attention to my loving husband this year too. Because, yes, I also think he is very cute :) I will try not to gush too much as I know there is already plenty of gushing on this little blog of mine, haha! I would just like to capture more of his sweet face and personality, and some of the ways he loves and blesses our family.

(Oh, and he doesn't know I am doing this so I am anticipating hearing a 
yelp of surprise from his office at some point!!!!!)

And so - 

One of my husband's favourite foods is bacon.... he seriously loves his bacon. And one of his favourite meals would be a big fry up breakfast. Anything that can be barbequed, will be barbequed, if he gets a say! So, just imagine how happy he was to partake in a delicious fry up (thanks to my gorgeous bro, Iain the super-host) on the morning before we went out on the boat. And with a breathtaking view whilst we dine?? Perfection. He was a happy boy! 

He is holding up a super cool retro Lotto mug. What we would need to win in order to live such a lifestyle every day!!! (And we don't buy Lotto tickets so there is basically no chance of that ever happening!!). 

But for just one day? We tried living the lifestyle of the rich and the famous, and it was pretty fun! ;) Thankfully, we are still all perfectly content with our regular life for the rest of the time :) 

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014. 

More highlights from the week that was...

Visiting our dear friends, Dani and Steve, as we tend to every New Years Day...we know how to time a visit, haha!
After a paddle, icypoles were a big hit with the Jr crew!

The kids were selling us cups of water from the cubby for 'twenty forty dollars'
Sydney prices, I tell ya!!!

Miles tried out the swing in the front yard. A couple of swings and he was out like a light. I almost died from the cuteness!!!!! Awww. 

Who wouldn't want to sleep here??

It's the casual hand on the chain and the little folded legs that get me.

This Hills Hoist has a pretty good view!! Chilling out at Iain and Alex's - Mark and Eli watch the boats sail past.

So happy to be with his Daddy
A little toast, a lot of view.
Co-captains Iain and Alex, rowing to their boat. They are just the cutest, not to mention wonderful hosts both at sea
and on land! Love these two :)
Father and Son - Ready to Set Sail!
My Sailor Bro!

The boat must have been soothing, cos shortly after we got aboard, Eli
announced he was tired (!!) and decided to go take a nap in the hull (is that the

'Nah, I'll just stay right by the food, thanks!'
Miles also enjoyed a little boat nap!

We sailed to a teeny little beach only accessible by boat. I dove into the water from the boat, which, for someone who hasn't spent much time at all on boats, felt impossibly exotic - and a little scary to be honest! Tried hard not to think of all the fishies swimming around me!!! (We had seen plenty from aboard the boat!) We had such a fun time on the little beach, running wild and free, splashing and chasing the kids who were absolutely in their element.

After the beach, I began to (bravely, for me!) talk about swimming out to the boat which was anchored about 40 metres off shore, rather than taking the dinghy. I asked Mark to swim with me, then Lily piped up that she wanted to go too. I was very surprised and actually tried to discourage her as I thought she would panic half way and didn't want a flailing child in the deep water (um, cos I was already a little nervous about swimming myself!). However, I think discouraging her made her even more determined to try it, she insisted she could do it. She already had her life jacket on, set to climb into the dinghy so I decided to let her, with the vest on. And she did it. She swam all the way to the boat!! She was crazy proud of herself... and I was proud of her (and myself) too, haha! 

Getting cloudy, but Middle Harbour is still so beautiful!
Big day on the water, time to sail home...
'What is happening to me, Mum? I can barely move in this thing!!!! Can I take it off now?'


  1. Wow! What a brilliant day out! Love the pictures of Lily, proud as punch in her pink hat :) And that Hills Hoist sure has a nice view! Good to see your hubby AND YOU in the picture too. Now you just need to turn the camera on yourself every week and the family portraits will be complete.
    By co-incidence, we also visited Sydney and went to a beach on middle harbour too. Jinx!

    1. thanks hon! and yes, i always say that Hills Hoist has one of the best views in sydney ;) priceless! lol Mark did say he was going to take some pics of me and make me post them after he saw the pics i did of him :) heeheeh!!! ohhhh shame we didnt see you around middle harbour too, what a coincidence :)

  2. Oh my gosh I went away for a few weeks and Miles has morphed into a CHILD. Like, a not-baby! Whaaaaat? These are wonderful, and I'm so glad you've committed to another year!

    1. i knooooow - my baaaaby! he has grown up SO much lately huh!? :(

  3. Oh the incredible cuteness of Miles in that swing. So lovely. What a beautiful day. That first photo of Lily is just beautiful; those gorgeous eyelashes.
    I think it is lovely that you're including your beloved in your posts. I was thinking something similar; family portraits.
    Was so nice meeting you the other night and hope we can catch up again soon.

    1. thanks for dropping by Kate - it was just sooooo lovely to meet you :) i am just in awe of your blog/parenting/craftiness! :) i was also thinking of doing more family portraits too as they are terribly rare... maybe monthly woudl be more realistic but worth a shot?!! hope to see your 52 if u decided to do it? xx


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