Friday, 17 January 2014

2/52 - through new eyes


Chopping the pecans like a Mini Masterchef!


My little man woke up lethargic and saying he didn't feel very well - and even took himself off to bed again shortly after rising. Soon enough he threw up, poor little buddy. After a good sleep and a good snuggle, he cosied up on the couch.

Dear Eli, it was a privilege to care for you on this day. It's so rare for you to be unwell - and so rare to see you so quiet and still!! I relished cuddling and caring for you and was touched by how you thanked me in your quiet, feeble voice for every little thing I did for you. Getting to eat crackers on the couch was the highlight of your day! By mid morning you were back to your energetic bouncing self... a quickly passing illness, it seems. Nothing is going to keep you knocked down for long in this life, I have a pretty good feeling about that :)

Here you look at me above you, sweetly and drowsily asking 'What you doing, Mama?'


My dear friend Amber of We Stood Together (my photography mentor, inspiration and pusher of new kit, haha) has kindly offered me a loan of her 1.4 50mm lens! I have always just used my kit lens and never really understood the difference a lens can make.

Then I clicked on her 50mm lens, snapped a few quick shots of my littlest man and ohhhhh, now I see.

My little sunshine, in a whole new light. I think I could get addicted to this!!

(Goodness knows I am already addicted to this sweet little face! But now - with even more shallow depth of field to enhance the cuteness!!)


This man o' mine.

The kind of man/husband/father who changes jobs and consciously slows his own fast-moving career trajectory so that he can be home at 4.15pm (most days) and spend an hour doing things like this. Priceless, simple, memory-making, Daddy-zone things like bouncing the kids wildly on the trampoline.

It is the kid's favourite activity and I am so grateful for their father, who prioritises being there for them in moments both big and small. I am also grateful they have a father who realises those small moments are really the big ones.

What a blessing he is.... even if I can't bear to usually watch these zany hijinks with children flying through the air!!!

(I stay inside and finish preparing dinner in peace - everyone wins!!)

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was....

Bubbles makes everything better!

I finally rearranged the kid's room to find wall space for these forward-facing
bookshelves... (eg $2.99 spice racks from Ikea!) Ahhh, so satisfying to finally have it done!
So pleased I will now post a dozen pics, haha. C'mon - don't they just entice you to
pick up a book and flick through? Love how forward facing shelves 'advertise' their
booky-goodness to kids so wonderfully :)

A little couch and cushion and we have ourselves a 'Reading Corner' at last! 

Kid Approved :) Since we hung these shelves last week, the books displayed
there are on heavy rotation and the kids love adding in their favourites too!
It will be a great way to highlight certain books or topics too. 

The boys were out and Lily asked me to do a 'special project' with her - making a road
with bridges and tunnels from her various scraps. How sweet it was to sit and snip and
stick and create with my girl. These are the moments I savour all the more as the lead
up to school creeps up upon us.  These summer holidays are going way too fast for
my liking!

Our first cherry tomato, hooray!

Lily had a vision and so we had to carry it out. A walk around the block with bucket  to collect leaves and sticks. A big sheet of paper, plenty of craft supplies and a mission to make a 'Christmas picture' (good any time of year, it seems!) resulted in two busy kids and a cool collage :)


  1. Oh Kate these are divine. I love my 50mm too.

    1. thanks kylie!! yes im still very much trying to get used to it, its SO different :)


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