Monday, 20 January 2014

3/52 - heatwave


Is there anything better than coming across your child, snuggled up and enjoying a book?

(And a Bible, no less!)

Read on, little bookworm! The world of books is rich and enchanting - and will open your heart, your mind and your eyes to so very much.


An absolutely delightful day spent on a friend's property out near Yass. 

The land, the views, and the peaceful open spaces made everyone seriously consider moving to the country post-haste...especially after the kids got to enjoy feeding the sheepies :)

Eli was an eager farm hand!


Mark took a bonus day off so we could capture a little extra 'holiday' just for our tribe
of five, after a wonderful Christmas season that was fantastic but ended up a little lacking in chilled out family time. 

It was such a good decision as that bonus day turned into one of those 'perfect' days - both productive and relaxing. In the ongoing war between 'getting stuff done' and 'quality family time' we managed to divide the day - a super productive morning, pottering around the house getting stuff done inside (baking with the kids, sorting the linen closet, cleaning etc) and outside (progress on the chicken coop, vegie garden and clearing out the car port). Everyone took a quality nap, and by late afternoon we jumped into swimmers, tossed together an easy picnic dinner and took off to Canberra's loveliest oasis, Manuka pool. Surrounded in lush grass, leafy trees, and gorgeous art deco architecture, it's the perfect place to splash and relax. And so we did. And it was a super chilled and enjoyable time - the kids running and splashing and playing, the parents relaxing, enjoying and playing/swimming too! Days like these, as any parent knows, do not come together so well all that often, so we soaked up every inch of blessing that it was!!

Miles first real pool experience! He was splashing up a storm and loving every minute. He was so intrigued by it all.


He's an ideas man - a visionary, if you will. ;)

On a super hot afternoon, he comes up with the idea of wrapping the sprinkler hose around the trampoline to create some kind of super vortex of water spray. I'm not so sure this will work, I thought/said.

But it did, and soon Lily and Eli were shrieking in absolute glee as they bounced around whilst getting shot with cool sprays of water from every angle. Somehow, Mark and I ended up there too - getting soaked, squealing, laughing, bouncing and dancing with the kids in the refreshing spray.

It's good to have someone bring all the crazy ideas to the table!

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

Peg wars with his little buddy Blake :)

Flat palms and eager sheep!

Backyard sprinkler runs during one of Canberra's longest heatwaves.

Sprung by the spray!
Can you hear the squeals and shrieks?! :)

Four things that make this a typical Aussie kid's summer scene:
1. Running through the sprinkler 2. The Hills Hoist clothesline!
3. The Hills green/yellow swing set and 4. The brown, scorched, dead grass!! ;)

Somewhere, under a rainbow...

He tried to sneak in a drink whenever he thought no one was looking! 

'I'm getting cold, Mum!'

'Just joking!!!'
Ice-cream treat time! Eli looks so much like my sister Megan here!! I can't believe I haven't seen it before... 
Paddlepop lips. 

Why yes, we also got a treat - Connoisseur Salted Caramel... mmmmmmm!
E-man, chillin' - laying back on Dad, enjoying his icypole!

No icypole for Miles but he can take good care of a mango seed!!

Ok, ok, Mark took this and insisted that I post it now I plan to post pics of him weekly!! Revenge?! ;)
So, this is my best dorky pose ;)

A blurry shot but I can't go past the look in his eyes. I was twirling him till we both collapsed in laughter. Love this kid
and his joie de vivre!.

Eli asked to help grate the carrots for our Black Bean wraps. He later informed me he had grated a little pile for each family member. Seriously, what a darling!!

These whispy bits of hair escape every hairstyle I attempt. 

A super easy hot day activity. A bucket of ice cubes and a couple of hammers.
Seriously - an hour of kids happily smashing ice and eating it!!
(The next day I froze little toys in containers of water for toy excavation!)

Mouthful of ice/possible ice headache?

chip, chip, chip, crush!

She always requests a photo sitting on the rock :)


  1. check out Eli in his goggles! Too cute :) And Blakey even made an appearance in the peg wars this week. Great post xxx

    1. i know - good old eli - he always has them on so wonky cos he pulls them up constantly!! love Blakes lil hand popping in ;)

  2. Delightful Kate! So many great shots to choose from - you have captured the essence of the summer heat wave so well. I particularly like the action shots of Eli running through the sprinkler - really highlights his movements :-) That pool sounds perfect for the weather - I suspect we will be hanging out at our local lots in the next few days too!

    1. thanks so much :) yes it certainly was a 'summery' collection this week i realised!!!

  3. It's a really beautiful collection Kate :) Really lovely. Wasn't it hot?! But you have captured it so beautifully.


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