Wednesday, 8 January 2014

eli and the egg // a story in pictures

At Camp Challenge, one of the guys kindly organised an Egg and Spoon Race as part of some fun activities for the younger set. Observing Eli participate in this event (after trying to explain what was happening to him) was fairly entertaining....

You really want me to hold this egg on a spoon? (The tongue shows how hard he is

It took quite a while to convince him he could remove his hand from holding on to it!

Everyone takes off in the race and he just stands there, bewildered.

Huh?? You wanted me to run with this thing??!  This goes against everything I have ever been told.

You gotta be crazy, Mama.

He decided to just chill out with his new BFF, the Egg (which has already been
dropped at least a dozen times, so I was pretty sure it must be hardboiled!)

The races are over so we decide to play catch. It gets dropped again and again.
Hardy little thing!

... and then.... crack


Showing me his sad face (he actually wasn't bothered at all - just fascinated!).

Oh Eli, my darling middle man... you make me smile and I love to see the world through your eyes. Although you seemed pretty confused at the time, you declared multiple times over the next few days that this was your very favourite activity at camp and begged to play it again. Perhaps we can - just not in the kitchen, ok! Love you, sweet boy xx


  1. I love the "huh?" look! That is PRICELESS!!!!!!

    1. i know, pretty classic huh! he is such a funny and expressive boy but i was so pleased to capture that moment :)


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