Monday, 24 February 2014

toasted muesli // nutritious and delicious

Don't worry, this ain't never gonna be a food blog! Hardly!

But I just had to share our attack on the final frontier... breakfast! As I strive to feed my family more and more nourishing, whole foods in our diet, breakfast is kinda the last area I hadn't really tackled. Yes, most important meal of the day and all that, it probably should have been the first!!! Oh well. Babysteps, right? A weekday variety of peanut butter wholegrain toast or Weetbix was 'okay', but not as nutritious or filling as it could have been. Eli was regularly begging for more food by 9am, so I knew it was not cutting it! ;)

Once our chickies start laying (in the next couple weeks, we hope!) we want to have eggs most mornings but I also wanted to start making a hearty rolled-oat-based muesli. Porridge is great in winter, but it's not something we want to eat all year long. Mark gives the kids breakfast in the mornings before work and it's gotta be something quick and simple. Huge props to you if you get up at dawn to cook waffles or bacon and eggs every weekday, but it just ain't happening around here!! We need something fast, easy and a staple that can be eaten most days.

I found this divine recipe for toasted muesli from one of my favourite food blogs, Well Nourished, and whipped up a mega batch. It's delicious. Super yummy, super healthy, so nourishing and.... Eli didn't even mention food till 11am. That's gotta be a record!!! So, you know it's hearty ;) The  kids think it is a huge treat - they just love it. Mark and I do too! It tastes like a 'fancy expensive shop bought muesli, the likes of which we could not afford to eat daily' haha.  The kids like to eat it with a splash of milk and a dollop of greek yoghurt. We are all busy nom-nomming it each morning now.

I filled it with rolled oats, nuts (walnut and pecan), seeds (pepita, sunflower, chia, sesame), sultanas and cranberries, puffed rice, shredded coconut, psyllium husk, rolled quinoa flakes, cinnamon and whatever else I could find in the pantry (as well as most everything else in the recipe!). Toasting it with honey/coconut oil makes it all super delish and crunchy.

Check out the original blog if you want to whip up a batch - takes no time to pour all the ingredients in together then just bake in the oven. Easy-peasy - the kids can help too!

It feels really good to have something so nourishing, hearty, home made and delicious ready to go each morning.

So, here's to a more wholesome start to the day :)

PS Now, where's my eggs, chickies??

PPS I  also highly recommend Georgia's new Well Nourished Lunchbox eBook! It's truly fantastic (and gorgeous) - every recipe a winner with both kids and adults and helps me pack a nourishing and filling delicious lunch for the kids :) #affiliatelink

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