Thursday, 6 February 2014

miles.stones // twelve months

He is one!!

My last monthly summary... (thank goodness 'cos I have been pretty slack with them!)


The routine these days... likely to stay basically the same till he is ready to drop to one nap (I expect around 18 months).

7.30am - Wake, breastfeed, breakfast and play
9.30am - Nap
11.00/11.30am - Wake, breastfeed, play, independent play, lunch etc
1.30pm - Nap
3.30/4pm - Wake, breastfeed, play, independent play (on school days I need to wake him at 2.45pm!)
5.30pm - Dinner, bath, change, play, stories etc
7/7.30pm - Top up feed, bed!

Milestones and more...

Well, Mr Chill is getting a bit more active these days! After thinking he was never going to 'properly' crawl, he has decided to start doing that (though he also still loves doing his commando crawling), and is pulling up everywhere and climbing over everything. His latest trick is pulling himself up in his cot (crib) and crying pitifully till someone comes and helps him get down again!! Cheeky boy. Walking is still a fair way off, I'd say, but he is happy to be able to get wherever he wants to go, fossicking out anything he can put in his mouth and finding himself in all manner of places.

We are still happily breastfeeding - woohoo! Although he is highly distractable these days!!! Now we have hit that magical twelve month mark, my general approach is to just continue as long as we are both happy doing so... with my other two that was till about 18 months, but we will just see how we go. As for eating solids, he eats anything and everything these days. Got his first sugar hit at his birthday party!!! A birthday cupcake :) He loved it of course, haha. (Photos to come when I get around to blogging them!). No sugar since though. I try to just keep his diet as sugar/preservative/processed-food free as I can whilst he is in these early days and his diet is so much easier to monitor. 

Still happily going to the potty a couple times a day or so (when I remember). He loves reading books on there ;) He is still chatting away with  his Mama, Dada, Bye Bye, More More and 'Wow', etc. Loves to copy/mimic new words, especially with his siblings. Loves to clap and wave and poke. My latest favourite are his 'kisses'. I use the term loosely, as its more like an open mouthed lunge at your face, his teeth clicking against your teeth as you laugh, squirm, and ultimately attempt to enjoy this well intended gesture. Super duper cute... though a little more intense! He has seven teeth and a couple more about to break through.

He is a baby no more. I have to admit I got pretty emotional the night before he turned one. Saying goodbye to those precious baby days. The end of an era, a very precious one indeed. *sniff* And though this one-year-old phase is frankly rather exhausting, it's onwards and upwards from here... I'm excited to see our family continue to grow together through every phase to come. He brings such joy to us all.

A glorious dark gold mess of ringlets. Love them.

Crawl free, little man! No more monthly torture sessions trying to get you to stay on your back ;) 

That little mole on the back of his knee? So cute :)

Oh Miles. It has been a blessed year of smiles. You have brought so much happiness and completeness to our family. We love, love, love you, darling boy. We can't wait to see you change and grow and emerge into the amazing boy and man that God intended you to be. Just be 'you' xx

And here 'tis the final monthly portrait. See ya at two, big boy!!


  1. Oh man, I got a bit emotional reading that! How can a year go so quickly? He is delightful. Can't wait to see his birthday post :)

    1. awww i know Andi!! the year has flown. daisy will be there before we know it too. something about these third babies that just makes you want to soak up every second huh? xx


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