Saturday, 22 February 2014

8/52 - open wide, come inside... it's playschool!


She gleefully reached a self appointed milestone today, running outside to where we were gardening to announce 'I can blow up a balloon by myself!!!'.

Who knows what strength of lung or cheek this required but she was only to happy to demonstrate her skills. And the hilarious (for both of us) moment right after when the balloon when fizzing away as she released it, splurting air in her face and letting out that funny swistling sound effect! 


His new era has begun... he fiiiiiiiinally got to start Playschool this week! 

(For those out of Canberra, Playschool is a pre-preschool (school preparation) program, located adjacent to the Preschool class at the local Primary school).

My little man has started on the schooling journey and I have to admit it took me a little by surprise! They started a week behind the Kindy class, then the first week was a 'transition' week where I stayed with him. But this week was his very first day on his own - he will go one day a week, 9.30am to 2.30pm. 

He is thrilled to be a big boy, and thrilled to be in such a fun and familiar environment, the footsteps already marked out by his adored sister. He is also thrilled that this year, our dear Amber is the full time teacher - what a blessing! She is amazing :) He loves being at the same Primary school as Lily, and big sister has promised to run down to the junior area during lunch time to wave hello :)

As it's such a familiar envrionent for us both, I shocked myself with my emotion at transition last week. As we sat on the mat, I welled up a little to realise he is now beginning to venture out on his own too, his first step in his schooling adventure. His first formal time away from me. Thankfully it's just one day - it's all we can both handle right now!

I left on that first day without fuss or even a backwards glance from him - and I knew he would be just fine. And he was. Amber assured me he listened well, played happily and participated in all the activities. But when I came at pick up time, he almost knocked me down with his fierce and repeated full body hugs. It was beautiful. He missed me, and I him. But I'm just so proud of him too, for being such a big and brave school boy :)

He took it all in stride. Way to go, Little E!


He takes his ribs very seriously. 

(Gnaw, gnaw.)


My hubby, the handyman!

 I love his willingness to tackle any project around the home :)

Every year his DIY collection grows larger, with more tools and gadgets making their way into the (very small, very crowded) shed.

And now - a handy, dandy little draw thingamejig to store those hundreds of little hoozits and whatzits.

He even used my label maker to label all the draws :)

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

well, his bag is packed and he's ready to go....

School starters get to choose dinner on their first day... and Eli chose pancakes!
Haha. So, 'breakfast for dinner' it was :) I made extra hearty berry, oat and
coconut pancakes with banana on top so hopefully that makes a pass for dinner?!

All this school bizzo really cuts down on free time for play with other buddies. Lily has been missing Harper desperately
so was thrilled to have her over for a Saturday morning play. Much dress ups, performing and play cooking was done!


  1. Oh my goodness, that picture of Lily's face after the balloon deflated is just priceless! So brilliantly captured. Well done! And congratulations too, to Eli on starting school.

    1. yes it was pretty priceless - and funny!!! we both had a good laugh afterwards and i was so pleased i snapped quick enough! :) thanks Tarnya xx

  2. Awesome capture with the balloon. Such a thrill! You can see the pride in her eyes.

    1. thanks sally - you are so right. she was super proud of herself and its lovely when they set their own goals - and then accomplish them in their own time :)

  3. You've really captured the feeling between Harper and Lily. Melt melt. xx

  4. Ah what an awesome balloon action picture!!!!!!!


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