Sunday, 9 February 2014

love bomb // starting school

Before Lily trotted off to school on Monday, I wanted to have a special day with her. A 'Love Bomb' day. Something full of fun, blessing and great memories - and just good old time together before she slotted herself into the busy routine of school life. Soaking her in love before the big commencement.

I had actually been planning to celebrate this day together with my dear friend Nicole from Woollongong, and our daughters who are little besties and both starting Kindy this year. Oh, we had plotted and planned and shared sentimental sighs together! Unfortunately, due to 'extenuating circumstances', the trip fell through at the last minute, so we decided we would both do our special days separately. We had been brainstorming ideas for a while so it was pretty easy to just roll them all out.

First on the list was a craft. Lily's favourite thing to do is craft, and I would say that's also her favourite thing to do with me, she is always asking me to sit down and do a project with her (she always has some grand vision in mind!!). This sweet little idea was Nicole's, and it was easy to implement, even at the last minute. We made a 'Prayer Tin' with 'prayer sticks'. As Lily gets involved in the highs and lows of school life, with their complex relationships and academic challenges, I wanted to remind her that any worries she has about school can always be taken to God. The idea was that she could write her prayer request on the stick and pop it in the tin. An added bonus to this is being able to go back through the 'sticks' and see how God has faithfully answered her heartfelt little prayers.

She thought it was a great idea, and so we got to work. While Eli did the grocery shopping with Daddy and Miles napped, we spent a merry morning getting creative. I allowed her to lead with her creative vision and had fun getting involved whilst also supporting her excited ideas for 'sprucing it up'. 'I just love doing craft with you, Mama' she said as she busily stuck and glued.

Preparing our supplies. An old food tin (the paper ripped off) and a  glass jar. We covered the tin with  pretty paper using hairspray (cheat!) and finished the edges with washi tape. A liberal dose of stickers and glitter and we were done! Craft paddle pop sticks were the 'prayer sticks', prettied up with a diamonte or sticker on the end of each.

Pretty clear that a five year old girl decorated these ;)
One can never have too many stickers or too much sparkle, right??

Lily exclaimed that she had an idea for her first prayer - for a nice teacher!
So she wrote on the stick, and clutched it between us as we held hands on the floor and
she prayed for a nice kind teacher who would teach her lots. One of the
sweetest moments ever, sitting there and hearing her earnest prayer to our loving God.

Ever wondered what God looks like? Now you know ;) Lily drew this and said it was
God, who was thinking 'I wonder what Lily wants to pray for?' (hence the '?' on the right)

Proud of her handiwork!

Next up on the list was a trip to the lake. Under the shade of the trees along the lakeshore, we sat together and I gifted her a children's book I had been saving on 'starting school' which we read together. Also enclosed was my personalised version of Momastery's 'starting school letter'. I read it out to her and we chatted about what it means to be brave and kind at school, and how she might look out for others, and listen to her conscience. We prayed and also read through some special Bible verses together. A precious time of devotional and blessing with my daughter. Under those trees... it felt like sacred ground. I will always remember those moments.

Then? Lily had another grand idea.... we took off our shoes, hitched up our skirts and waded along the shore of the lake, trying to track down ducks, look for shells and generally just splish-splash about!

me and my girl

Next up - a cafe! I gave her the choice of cafe or ice cream shop and what do you think she chose... such a sophisticated little lady ;) Her question was 'which one will take the longest' and I said probably the cafe, so she wanted to do that!!! We had a milkshake (and she got a cookie too) and we just hung out like ladies of leisure! She could only finish half of each of her treats, so we saved the rest for later ;)

Then it was time for one of our main events for our day out... going to see the movie Frozen together!! Her first time seeing an actual 'new release' movie at the theatre, so it was all pretty exciting :) 'I didn't know kids could even go to the movies!!' she exclaimed. After hearing so many excellent reviews (and loving Idina Menzel) I was excited to see Frozen too, and we watched the whole thing enraptured. Such a wonderful movie!! Beautiful singing and loved the story and messages which sat a little outside the Disney Princess norm - hooray! ;) Lily loved Olof especially, though she got a little scared in some big action scenes. So fun to see a movie together - very novel.

And the cherry on top of this rather epic Love Bomb? A stop by the jewellery store so Lily could choose out this little charm (it's all little hearts jumbled together) which we added to an old chain I already had. A special gift, a reminder to our girl that even though we can't be with her at school, we always love her and most importantly, God always goes with her, and will be her strength through every challenge. Do I even need to say she was pretty much gobsmacked and utterly thrilled with this surprise??

Lily decided the night before school she wanted to write a letter to her teacher. This is
entirely in her own words..... !!!

Second page of her 'book'. She eagerly presented it to her teacher the next day. He loved
it and even read it all to the class :)

It was a mega Love Bomb befitting one of life's most significant transitions for a little one. I hope the memory of it is something she will treasure as I will. Or even if the memory fades, I hope that feeling - of being loved, treasured, special, gets layered a little deeper and more richly into that sweet heart. I was so grateful for a whole day together - one on one time is such a rare treat. We felt really spoilt :)

And now? She is ready for school and I am ready to send her off.

God be with you, little Lily Fiel. Vai com Deus xx


  1. What a wonderful and special day you girls had together! Love this idea :)

  2. This is so beautiful!!! What a wonderful mother you are! I did burst out laughing at the "my brother is really into scissors" how hilarious!!!


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