Sunday, 9 February 2014

6/52 - her first day of school


The day arrived. Her first day of Kindy. 

She was 10% nervous, 90% excited. Her joy made it easy for me to get on board. After my emotional cleansing last week, I was more than ready to see this day come. I felt emotional, but mostly due to the anticipation and utter pride I felt, to see my baby girl so big and brave and independent. Looking at her all decked out in her uniform... it makes my heart pause every time! Oh, how far she has come. Raring to leap further into this rich world of education.


My middle man. You have missed your sister greatly this week. How strange it must be for you to not have her around, your constant companion for your entire life thus far. But... I think these quieter days, the increased one-on-one time (when baby brother is napping), and my more focused attention has been so good for you and for me. You are so much calmer on your own, and the way you eagerly and sweetly enjoy everything we do together just touches my heart. It's just soooo much quieter around here without you and Lily constantly shrieking, giggling and playing together. Still not used to this 'lack of noise'!!! No doubt you and Miles will ratchet up the sound quotient soon enough ;)

I love our conversations. The world through your eyes is a fascinating and charming place. Honestly, you are one of the most tender-hearted and appreciative little people I ever did have the pleasure to know. 

'I like you sitting next to me, Mama' you say. 'Thank you for this lovely snack and nice drink of water' you offer without prompting. 'I love you, Mama' you tell me as I tuck you in for your nap, looking deep in my eyes with your earnest little face.

Son, you have so much love to give, and how grateful I am to be a recipient. How honoured I am to pour love back upon you, and I pray you always feel as loved as you are. Your giddy energy and rambunctiousness can sometimes exhaust and challenge me to my very core. But in these new quiet and easy days together, we are finding a peaceful and nourishing new rhythm. I miss your sister deeply but I think this new time together is just what we needed.


Your first 'ice block'. A home made frozen concoction of greek yoghurt, mango and chia seeds for a steamy summer's day. 

The cold took you by surprise and you kept shooting me these hilarious (slightly dismayed!) looks. A little perturbed by the cold but definitely not willing to stop eating!


Our regular Friday night 'date night in' which usually consists of early bedtime for the kids, and us chilling out with a quiet, easy meal together after the loooong week, while watching a movie on the laptop.

Here, Mark is emotionally processing the end of True Grit (which he absolutely loved)...

'Ummm, why are you taking a photo of me right now?'

'Because I need a photo of you from this week and I forgot to get one earlier.'


Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was....

a little snail observation

Making smoothies with the blender/processor just kindly handed down to us from my sister (HI ANNE!).
Banana, kale, berries, honey, chia seeds and greek yoghurt. Deeeeelish!

Smoothie moustaches. Cuteness! Suffice to say - he loved it :)

More concoctions for icypoles, smoothies and 'squooshy yoghurts' for Lily to take to school.
E enjoys his funnelling responsibilities. I have a feeling we will be doing a lot of making and baking together these days!

This is how I find him most of the time, these days! So cheeky.

Getting more and more addicted to the simple portrait. So many facets to discover in this little face.

This smile. It's her. 
My blue eyed boy. I see glimpses of him here as a teen, as a young man.
Oh God, bless that future path, whatever it may be!

It ain't E without a crazy shot!
That awkward moment when you realise your three year old can write his own name... and you had no idea!! Oops.
Go, Eli!! I was so surprised/proud when he just started writing it out of his own accord! Self-taught ;) 
It was utterly fitting... that the day before she started school, L&E got themselves dressed up and begged for the music
to be cranked up so they could dance, twirl and giggle hysterically together. How perfect. How fitting, as a natural close
to 3.5 years of shared home life together. So much of it spent like this - Eli swathed happily in Lily's dress ups, ever adoring and watching, L leading the play and always generously including her brother. This dynamic has led them through many hijinks and sweet, happy, busy and noisy days at home together. What a bond has been built. What a blessing it has been to watch, nurture, cherish and experience this relationship. Yes... it was the perfect way to cap Lily's era of 'stay at home' life. Off to school she goes xx

Lily lost in the moment while Eli gets lost (distracted) in a book.

Blurry but simply had to be included - don't you agree?! E's face!

These two :) Ahhhh, life with a big sister. Something tells me life with two boys at home is going to be rather different!

I asked E to line up all the shoes by the back door. It's kinda become his special job, when the cluster grows big and
scattered. And for some reason, rather than lining them up along the wall as usual, he did this. And was mighty proud of his efforts too. Funny boy!

I have a new addiction to school shoes. Shiny, fresh and glossy black... on the first day of the year, anyway!!

A backpack almost the size of her. She will grow into it... like so much else of
this schooling life.

She bravely trotted into the school hall, to find her new classmates and teacher. Eli came along,
clutching elephant pictures he had made for her. It was so surreal in that moment - umiformed kids
swarming everywhere, this was it... school life is upon us! This is our new community!

And how is she going? She loves it. Loves it. Making new friends every day. Adores her 'really funny' teacher (a lovely young guy!). Likes all the new activities.  'I just love my new school' she said later in the week as she skipped along, holding my hand as we walked in. Can't ask for more than that!

We are still finding our feet in this new normal. Thoughts and feelings sift through the new rhythms, routines and relationships. I will let them settle for a while! It will take some time to relax into this new groove, but no doubt we all will! The daily packed lunches though? That might take a while ;)


  1. Beautiful captures of your three. All so gorgeous, but I do especially love that 'surprised iceblock' face from Miles ;) I completely relate to your comments about spending one on one time with Eli - I was exactly the same with my middle when our eldest started kindy. Glad to have found you through the 52 Project x

    1. thanks for stopping by :) yes, the iceblock face was hilarious. he looked at me as if I was playing a trick on him, haha. glad to hear I am not alone with my feelings about more time with my middle! blessings come from change, huh? now to mosey on over to check out your blog!

  2. What an adorable family you have! Great photos. Eli might be my most favorite name ever. Cheers!

    1. thanks so much :) i think they are cute too, heehee! Eli is such a classic but sharp name huh? boys names are HARD but once we got there, we loved it :)

  3. these photos are great! especially the close ups. congratulations on kindergarten!

  4. UUtterly gorgeous post Kate! You captured Lily's first day perfectly; the neat uniform and the brushed back hair and all excitement in her face. Love what you wrote about Eli and his days at home with you. I felt that way with Harper once Finn went to Pre-school. So much of her life was geared towards Finn. Those days at home meant she could find her own space and interests. Those shots of the two big kids dancing together - adorable! So adorable! I have no doubt that they missed each other dearly on those school days, but the reunions are always so good! and Miles and his ice-block- classic!
    So many great shots this week Kate! Well done!

    1. thanks Amber :) YESSSS you hit the nail on the head, I sooo agree - about now lily is in school it kinda feels like its Eli's time to shine/develop his own interests/get a bit more focus. I suppose its natural that the eldest child kinda leads the way and things naturally gear more towards them. I hadnt thought of it before (and you said it so well) but I am now seeing how this next year or two is going to be so special/important for Eli. that makes me feel better too about just recognising each one's season... Miles will come in due time ;) It will be fascinating to see Eli emerge more and more over this year. It's a change for sure. x

  5. Such a lovely looking week! I can imagine how emotional first day of big school must be. Love that shot of Miles with his iceblock. Those curls are just something else :-)

    1. thanks heidi. haha yes such a classic shot, his expression!!!! poor miles ;) and his curls are just getting tighter everyday, i looove them so much!


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