Sunday, 2 February 2014

5/52 - the week before...


Making the most of my loan of a 50mm lens before I made myself return it to its rightful owner (lest I run off to Paris with it!!). I had a hankering to capture some 'straight' portraits of my trio, trying to peer a little further into their adorable souls and capturing their essence. 

Well, I tried. They find it hard not to smile, heehee! 

My fave? Those flyaway whispy bits...


Now, that's a look. A rare moment of still and serious.


The 'ooh' face. 

A face, a stage, a sound I never want to forget. 

Whenever anything of interest captures him (or just when he wants to insert himself into the conversation) he pipes up with a little 'Ooh!' accompanied by the cutest face in the universe :)


Just being cute, kicking back after dinner, rockin' the backwards cap :)

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was....

The 'what's up, Mum?' face.I get it a lot. He is so expressive. Did I mention I seriously love this kid?? Gotta blog
pics of his first birthday bash.... it's in the line up, promise! (So behind, too much real life getting in the way, haha)

It's always a blessing to make a new friend, especially when it's a fellow mum who inspires you in her parenting ways!
I recently met Kate of An Everyday Story (seriously, click and be amazed!), a homeschooling, creative and super lovely
lady with two gorgeous kiddos. We went over for a playdate and I  (I mean!...) the kids got to play with her incredible collection of treasures and toys. It was fun for all :) Here is Miles exploring the pretty window blocks.

The sights and sounds of rolling marbles was so pretty. Miles was determined to get
as many in his mouth as possible - eek!

Just a little chilled out play under the shady trees on a summers day. Little Sarah and Jack generously share and show their creative explorations. I am seriously wanting to ask Kate if I can send my kids to her place to be homeschooled ;)

The amazing magnetic tiles. (And he not helping, he destroying!)

Little hands working together....

Pretty colours!

Spaghetti dinners are a 'whole body' experience ;)
The new 'tongue out' funny face.
An 'ooh' to the left...

When it's 'Tidy your room' time before bed, and you walk in to see them using baby wipes to literally wipe down every
toy and surface.... well, it's a proud moment, let me tell ya ;) Nothing if  not thorough, haha! (They often voluntarily get the dustbuster to vacuum their room too - however they like doing the dusting and vacuuming even while there are still
piles of books and clothes laying you can see there are certain preferred tasks!!)

Blue Steel got nothin' on these piercing eyes.

I overhear from another room, a blubbering 'raspberry' noise, followed by deep, throaty, chuckles.... the cycle repeating over and over. I creep quietly around to the playpen, grabbing my camera enroute. Peering over the couch, I see Miles -
blowing raspberries into this mirror then cracking up at his own comedic genius. Over and over. Hilarious.

... and this is the look I get when he realises I am there. 'Mum, you're really cramping my style here, ok?' Sorry, son!! ;)

Trashing the joint. Picks out toys one by one and tosses them. So cheeky!!
His face. I just love it.
Soaking up those cosy home days with my trio before Lily starts school. All
our 'regular activities' seem so poignant now. Pottering around, planting vegies and
baking for school lunches. Cherishing these last holidays. I just love pottering around the
house with my three. The longer I'm home, the more I love it. I guess I've really relaxed
into this role over the years and for that I am grateful.

If you are looking for a super healthy and SUPER delicious nut-free muesli bar for the kids' school lunches, try this one from Well Nourished. It's Bake Free too, crazy fast and easy and SO YUM I wanted to eat the whole tray and the kids
were begging me for more. Freezes great too. And did I mention yum? And healthy? MAKE IT! Oh, if you do, my tips to make it even easier - toast the seeds in a frypan then just throw the butter/honey in there to all melt together and done! I also used some  puffed rice and chia seeds. Gluten free etc too!

A little pile of uniforms, name labels freshly ironed on! (Not the actual uniforms ironed, I'm not crazy!!)


  1. KATE! These are all so lovely! You really did make the most of the 50mm while you had it. I love that you tried to get some straight/serious shots of your trio. It's harder than it looks isn't it? I am always saying to Finn and harper when I am trying to get a more subdued shot "Hey, you don't have to smile" , which usually is meant with confusion....they another wide smile! I do try!
    I really love those ones of Lily with her hair pulled back. It really changes her face when her hair is like that. I also love the ones of Miles exploring the mirror. Such a great "baby" moment to capture :)
    And you caught up with Kate and her kids! Yay! You don't know where to look first over at her house do you? There is so much to be inspired by! I can imagine that your kids were completely engaged over there - how could they not??!!
    Such loveliness from you this week. the week before it all begins (school).....

    1. thanks amber!! especially thanks for the 50mm loan, it was so fun and eyeopening to try it out :) haha yessss thats exactly what happened, when i said 'you dont have to smile' i got these confused looks, frowns, bizarre faces. almost as hard as requesting a smile haha!!! never as easy as it looks ;) btw i was inspired by you cos you always seem to get these soulful looks from the kids and i either get cheesy grins or cranky faces ;)

  2. Love the portraits of your 3 with the 50mm!
    And so jealous you got to have a play date with Kate!

    1. thanks so much! and yes we had a lovely playdate, such a fun and inspiring home and family :)

  3. those pictures are sooo beautiful, your trio is charming, really!

  4. So much sweetness! And yes, the 50 is such a fab lens!!

    1. yes the 50mm is such a difference, it was awesome trying it out. i wanna get one now of course ;)

  5. Oh, I have wanted a 50 for so long! These are all lovely!


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