Tuesday, 12 February 2013

just the four of us...

Today was Mark's first day back at work, and my first day flying solo with my three little chicks!

I have three children.

Three kids under five.

Yeah, I'm still trying to fully comprehend this new family size!!!

People are asking how it feels to have three kids and I have not quite known how to answer yet as things have been in holiday mode around here with Mark still off work on paternity leave. It's all been pretty cruisey thus far, but not feeling quite 'real' as I haven't been home on my own with them all yet...

So, it got real today!

Happy to say we had a good day. Ok, actually it was a wonderful day!!

I kept waiting to feel stressed or overwhelmed or for things to get chaotic but really it just felt relaxed and... just fine! Even though there are three of them, it kinda feels like two in a way, cos its usually the two big kids together and then the baby. So, my three kiddos and I just chilled out at home for the day, which certainly helped keep the stress levels low (I wince whenever I think about hauling three kids in and out of the car twice a day for Lily's preschool days...eek!). 

Miles slept, fed and got snuggled. Bless him!

The big kids and I made watermelon juice, planted some lettuce seeds and read books together. They did water colour painting, played outside, ate copiously, slept, played 'babies' and a variety of other imaginable role-play games (their favourite activity) and were just gems, basically! 

I know crazier days are coming... no doubt there will be moments and even days spent in Crazy Town. I am remember scenes from when Eli was a newborn, breastfeeding him whilst hoisting 2 year old Lily up onto the toilet, for example!!! Ah, good times, haha.  

I know as Miles wakes up more and we have to venture out of our little nest (must we?!), it will get more hectic and routines will change over time too. But for now... yeah, it feels all pretty manageable  I gotta admit! I guess one difference between going from 1-2 and 2-3 is that I am already used to dividing my time between children. Plus Lily and Eli are so independent and capable now - helpful too - and Miles is a chilled out little dude, thankfully! 

Today felt like a blessedly sweet introduction to life with three kiddos and for that I am grateful. A lil' confidence boost to get me through this significant family transition! 

Mark bought the world's biggest watermelon and we have been trying to get through it!
Almost at watermelon-eating-capacity, I decided to juice a whole lot of it with some  fresh mint (it's growing like crazy in the backyard...wild?!) and peaches... delish!

I realised this morning part of why I was feeling so energetic and capable - and even excited to take on this 'three kids' gig... for the first time in almost a year, I am feeling like me again! Even though I am only three weeks post-partum, I am feeling more 'normal' than I have since, well - since I got pregnant! I am coming out of nine months of constant nausea, vomiting and a toll on my body that I guess I couldn't even really comprehend. It was like living in a debilitating haze. But now the fog is clearing... and I feel (cheesy as it is) *alive* again - with life and energy coming back to me, and this much-wanted little blessing snuggled up beside me... so blame the hormones if you will, but it's hard to feel anything but grateful. God has been so kind to me.

It's too early to say too much about what 'life with three' is really like. But so far... I kinda love it! For better or worse, this is our family now - and that feels every shade of good.


  1. Well you totally rocked that first day! Not that I thought you had anything to worry about :)
    Cute pictures from your day together too. It all looked so peaceful!

  2. Ha, so funny to read this, I remember Shawn's first day back at work after having Jackson and having that, whoa, I've got to take care of three kids and this is my life kind of feeling. It is funny how that third baby just slips into the swing of things and then you can't even remember what life was like before he came along. It is so good that you are feeling like your old self again, I'm sure it will make everything feel doable. The last photo of Eli drinking his juice is awesome!


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