Monday, 4 February 2013

#1 - baby daze (2 weeks)

My last first year...

That's what I was thinking about today. Miles is two weeks old and if indeed this is our last baby, it's the last time we go through this season of newborn-ness.

*pauses to sob*

The desire to cherish this is on overdrive, and makes me aware that this stage is indeed a quickly-passing season. Night-feedings, milk comas and a bundle I can hold in the crook of one arm will soon be a thing of the past. It is hard not to get sappy and emotional when I think as each day passes 'I may never have a baby this small ever again'. Ok, ok, get it together, Kate!!

As this blog is probably as close as I will get to a decently recorded baby book, I thought I might do a fortnightly (possibly monthly - let's be realistic!) update on Miles, his routine and milestones etc, to track his passing through babyhood. It may or may not be interesting to anyone else! ;)

Late night feeds accompanied by my 'must you photograph me?' face

So very new...

Hanging out with Daddy

'I being gentle!'

Sooooo, where we at?

Still just pretty happily chilling out in our little cocoon  I think most parents have ages and stages they prefer, or just feel they 'get' a little more... where your parenting groove is, you know? Some may think I am crazy for saying this but one for me is the newborn stage! I really love it and admittedly find it pretty straightforward. I am well aware that many do not so much enjoy the infant phase... and don't worry, I have other less-preferred age groups (around 9-18 months for example!), but newborns? Love 'em. They eat, sleep, snuggle and they stay where you put them, haha! I even kinda bizarrely enjoy the troubleshooting of when things are out of whack. Of course, a million variables such as colic and reflux can complicate the situation but even with that (Eli had some reflux) it doesn't tend to stress me out too much. There is a rhythm (even amidst the occasional chaos!) and simplicity about caring for a teeny little one that I just love... and of course the teeniness that is so enchanting!

We are roughly following the Babywise approach and routines again, as we did for Lily and Eli. I know that routines are not for everyone, but hey, it led to happy, well-rested babies for my first two, so we are just doing what works well for our family. Totally respect every parent's right to follow the approach that feels right to them! The basic gist of what we are doing is following an 'eat, wake, sleep' cycle. Not letting Miles go longer than three hours during the day between feeds (e.g. feed sooner if he is hungry, but not longer... we wake him from nap if needed to feed). This helps him get plenty of calories and 'wake time' in the day so he learns to differentiate night/day. My baby mantra is 'sleep begets sleep' - the more babies sleep, the more rested they are and the better they will be able to keep sleeping! Overtired babies end up with  adrenalin coursing through their little bodies which makes sleep (good, solid, non-broken sleep) a struggle - leading to a vicious cycle of over-tiredness. So I keep a close eye out for tired signs and try to keep baby well rested - which means more sleep for everyone - bonus!

So right now the rhythm is - wake up from nap (already his little body is regulating so he often wakes up exactly at three hours, it's amazing!), then breastfeed (he is a fast feeder, normally just ten minutes on one side is the most he will do - but he is packing on the pounds so I know he is getting plenty). Sometimes he goes right back to sleep after his feed which is fine, but if he can stay awake he can do about 30-45 minutes of wake time (e.g. looking around peacefully, or more likely getting enthusiastically snuggled by siblings!) before he starts to show tired signs, at which point I swaddle him up, cuddle and kiss him, then lay him down drowsy but awake so he has the chance to put himself to sleep. Mostly if the timing is right, he just drifts right off to dream land!

At night time we let him wake us when he is hungry. I give him a 'dream feed' before I go to bed around 11pm - after this feed/around midnight is when he would sometimes have an unsettled period (I am pretty sure babies have a built in sensor so their eyes open as soon as you close yours?!) though in the last few nights this seems to have disappeared and he is settling down to sleep right after the feed - yay! He then generally wakes around 1.30am and 4.30am for a night feed. Then I wake him about 7.30am to start the day again - unless I'm feeling really zonked and decide to give us all a sleep in! Then it's pretty much rinse and repeat the cycle for the day!

So, that is our days right now - pretty much on a three hour routine. Of course, babies are not robots so that is just the basic cycle we aim for, but we stay very flexible - feeding and snuggling as the young gentleman requires! However, for the most part our days fall into an  easy rhythm, and it's nice to have a bit of predictability - for him, for me, and for the family... as much as one can with a newborn, anyway!

Well, at two weeks there is not much else to record! His job right now is just to look adorable, and he does that with panache! I am still obsessively smooching that delicious little neck. He is starting to be more awake and alert, gazing at me and the world with those deep, dark, blue eyes. Gaining plenty of weight - the midwife was impressed with how quickly he gained back and exceeded his birth weight. He currently sleeps in a bassinette at the end of our bed. The biggest miracle after having two extremely spitty-uppy babies is that Miles does not spit up pretty much at all. Let me tell you, it is a whole new world - a much cleaner, dryer, less smelly and stained world! I am seriously shocked at what a different experience it is to not carry huge clothes all the time and have constant spit up going everywhere.

When Miles drifts off to sleep he sometimes smiles and chuckles in his dreams and I know you can't call it a 'real smile' but it warms my heart just to see what foreshadowing of what his happy little face will look like in the years to come. My sweet little man - I can't wait to see your personality unfolding, to see you finding your place in this family!

Miles. Two weeks old. Our little Prince.

Hello there!

Sister had to pop in for a snuggle and a photo with her beloved baby brother!

Not everyone can pull off fluoro yellow, but Miles manages quite well, I think!


  1. Love it! Love him! Love you! Love the fam! Love the pics! Keep it up, sister. THe world of Three Kids loves you already! :)

    1. aw thanks Morgs, you are the sweetest! you rock 3 kiddos (and so much else) so glad I can look to those who have bravely gone before!!! :)


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