Sunday, 24 February 2013

8/52 - on her bike


Parenting confession... our 4.5 year old has hardly ever ridden a bike. Well, I could give plenty of reasons excuses why (a girl who chooses making craft over bike-riding offers, no footpaths or parks by our house for easy access, etc etc) but at the end of the day, it's just one of those things that slipped through the cracks. Yes, I find there are certain parenting to do's I just realise one day we kinda 'forgot' to do (or rather, we didn't push), like the whole bike riding thing. Oh, the shame. 

So, today, Mark dragged out the second-hand bike given to us by some kind neighbours a while back and also (somewhat) dragged out a girl who insisted she would much rather be creating a cat out of a shoe box (don't worry, she finished that later that day). We realised a level little cul-de-sac across from our house was the perfect training ground. Lily is a cautious Little Miss with physical stuff like this, a little nervous and a little quick to say 'it's too hard' and stop trying. So it was also a good opportunity to work on perseverance and improving skills too. 

Although we realised she is already outgrowing the bike (doh!), after a little bit of encouragement and some assistance with some push-starts... before too long, she was cruising along and her beaming smile said it all. She did it. And now? She asks every day to go out to riding again and gets better, faster and more confident each time. Well, perhaps she is making up for lost time! Those training wheels may be off before we know it!


Daddy's been doing a lot of gardening. His little sidekick is quick to call 'I help you gardening, Daddy!' as soon as he sees him pull out the gardening gear. Mark got him his own adorable little pair of gardening gloves so he can help dig, weed and carry. Not much of that actually happens (playing with sticks is more fun), but he is dressed for the occasion so that's something, right!?


Cupid's Bow

(fitting for my little angel)

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week for 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

A kiss from a princess...

Reading to her brother - never too early to start!

Miles endures another overly-affectionate hug. He is loved.

This image makes me smile as I suspect loving neck-embraces will in a few short years turn into wrestling choke-holds?! 

Lily takes her turn holding Baby. Note Eli in the background, pillow on lap, awaiting his turn.
I think I need to work out some kind of ticketing system!!

Rainy day snuggled in bed with my baby. Bliss.

Milk Moustache

Multi-tasking Daddy!

Cruising on his scooter...

In my arms // The looks he gives


  1. Wow such a lovely and loving post. I like the way you write about your children, with such honesty. They are sweet things x

  2. Don't worry I'm the same on the bike thing. Ella hasn't ridden one either. her little friends are starting to ride without training wheels and I felt so bad. but then was like oh well....there are plenty of milestones to make in childhood and you don't have to do them all along with everyone else! I bought her a bike for $10 at the salvos recently but it is still in the boot. :-) we will get there! Miles is well loved!

    1. lol i know what you mean, seeing other kids starting to ride without training wheels and it's like.... oops! ;) but as you said, they catch up and seriously, there are too many skills out there to learn to keep up w them all, right?! :) good score on the bike!!!

  3. Lovely shot this week Kate! Mark was telling me how he has been getting the kids out on their bikes/scooters. Way to go Lily! I love that shot of Mark holding Miles while pushing Lily :)

    And all the shots of Miles this week are so lovely. He is really changing and filling out :)

  4. Yay for big achievements....Our biggest girl never like the bike either so why push something that is not fun.....but nice to see she made it . xx

  5. love Eli in the garden, so cute! And of course I also love all the sibling pictures, so so cute!

  6. It looks like a great week, and Miles is growing so fast! He is the cutest.

  7. Looks like there is lots of love for the new baby brother. ♥

  8. Great photos! Love the sibling pictures...they are so sweet! :)

  9. So many great photos, Kate! A few of my favorites are Eli walking away dressed for gardening, rainy day snuggles with Miles, the milk moustache, multi-tasking Daddy and the happy face of Lily that is right beneath it. The picture of Lily holding Miles while Eli waits his turn is pretty dang cute too.

    Oh, and well done Lily on the bike!! It's never too late to learn something new.

  10. balance bikes count?? If not, we are way behind in the bike riding department!!! I love how excited Lily is about mastering the bike. What a great experience for her. My favourite is the one with Lily holding Miles and Eli in the background. Such a perfect example of family life - beautiful

    1. yes balance bikes totally count!! i've heard so many good things about those (including little friends who pretty much went straight from balance bikes to bikes without training wheels)... we havent got one but i think they sound fantastic. Thanks sarah i love that shot w eli in the background too - so true its a true glimpse into our family right now :) makes me smile! thanks for your comment x

  11. Your kids are adorable! and these pictures are so sweet! I just found your blog thanks to Jodi's project! I really love it!

    1. oh thanks for stopping by barbara - and for your sweet comment too!! :)

  12. Such wonderful pictures (looks like you are managing to work on your skills while parenting three: RESPECT!). You family is such an oasis of love. Miles' mouth is just too cute.


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