Sunday, 10 February 2013

6/52 - brave new world

Lily -

Her first day of preschool. She was excited, brave and just a little nervous about venturing out to 'big girl' school!


That cheeky look. This sweet little boy channels a mischievous imp rather well...

Miles -

Waking up to the wonderful world around him...

Project 52: A portrait of my children every week, once a week, in 2013.

And a few more highlights from the week that was... 

I actually had two babies on the same day... the day Miles was born, we came home that afternoon to discover
my other baby - a 122 page album of my 366 photos of 2012 on the doorstep. Delivered by postman  - or stork perhaps?!

The essential 'new baby' product I now highly recommend - a 4.5 year old girl!
Best entertainment/entertainer  on the market!!

Someone had a bit of a self-hair-cutting incident that resulted in a
fresh new hairdo for preschool - three inches shorter!

Potluck Luncheon at church... always a delicious and delightful time!

We call this the Baby Burrito

When Lily asked how sultanas (raisins) are made and I told her they are grapes dried in the sun  or the oven, she was
eager to try it herself. After a month of leaving some green grapes outside (with eager rotation by Lily each day)
we finally got this amazing result - sultanas!!

Eli's frequent and eager cry is 'Daddy, I help you!!'. Sweet boy is so keen to be his Daddy's sidekick - even with such
tasks as fixing the computer. Daddy is very patient with his overly-enthusiastic young  helper!


  1. I love your blog posts, Kate, they just radiate contentment. Your children are so sweet and it's obvious what wonderful and involved parents you and your husband are. Thank you for sharing these bright and happy photos, it's so much fun to catch these glimpses.

    I love the photo of Miles on the purple blanket looking at his sister. And also, the one of him by your 366 book- which looks fabulous btw.

    1. wow thank you Nicole! we do feel very grateful for our little family and we do try and be involved w our kids (though they and we certainly still have our 'trying' moments too!!!). so satisfying to get the 366 book printed, i love flicking through it!

  2. Baby burrito...still giggling at that one :) I just want to scoop him up for a cuddle. Lily really looks like Eli in that photo with her haircut!

  3. Gorgeous shots this week. What a treat to get some extras in this post! Love the one of Lily with her new haircut. Such a smiley, natural shot. Last shot is a classic. Im sure as the years go on Mark will have plenty of handyman jobs for them to complete together!

    1. Ooops that's from me - amber!

    2. haha thanks lachlan/amber :) yes, i couldn't resist finding a place for all those 'extras' from the week that didnt quite warrant their own post and so couldn't quite keep to my 'only 52 portraits' rule as it was too convenient to just dump them all in this post at the end of the week rather than doing a seperate one. I blame your gorgeous B-sides photos for giving me the idea!!! :)

  4. Hi Kate, your Children are absolutely gorgeous and Congratulations on your new little man. We will be able to enjoy the journey together as I don't know anyone with a newborn at the moment! Mel x


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