Friday, 15 February 2013

a little valentine's day adventure

With everything else going on (newborn and what not), I hadn't thought too much about Valentine's Day, even though Mark and I are sappy romantics and usually use the occasion as an excuse for a little more romance!

Mark thankfully didn't forget! That day, Lily was in school and Eli was very excited to be spending the morning at Nana's house. After his devastation last week at realising he was not going to school with Lily, she had patted him on the shoulder and said 'Eli, just give Nana a call and see if you can go to her house for little visit, instead!'. 

Lovely Nana was happy to have some quality time with her little grandson so armed with a backpack (to be like his sister), off he went which suddenly left just Mark, me and Miles! Whoa.

Mark had suggested we do some shopping in the city capped off with a nice little Valentine's lunch. And so we did.

Cruising around the city for the first time in I-don't-know-how-long, with my darling hubby and a sleepy little newborn took us back to the day when  our only child was Lily - an adorable little handbag so easily toted around town with us for shopping, leisurely cafe lunches and all manner of outings. Things sure change when you have three!! Still plenty of outings but they involve a lot more work and preparation, a lot more discussion, a lot more trips to the bathroom, requests for food... you get the drift! :) 

So with just one little bundle in tow, who slept through most of the adventure, Mark and I felt rather footloose and fancy free! We crossed off quite a few items from the shopping list (knowing outings to the shops are rather limited these days!!) and enjoyed a delicious Mexican lunch and even treated ourselves to some gelato afterwards. And yes, I had three scoops 'cos I wanted to try all the flavours (white chocolate, ferrero rocher and macadamia caramel.... divine). And also... we got to just chat, chat, chat. About little things, big things and all the in between things. As Miles didn't have much to add to the conversation, it felt wonderful to just have time to stroll the shops, browse, and chit-chat at a somewhat leisurely pace. It was a simple but sweet day of togetherness... and we were happy with that.

These photos are pretty dodgy as I snapped them on my old phone... but couldn't resist recording our lovely little outing - just me, my man and my baby boy! 

Miles looking a little surprised!

I love him. I love gelato. So of course, I love this pic!

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  1. What a gorgeous valentines day! I bet you got heaps of people looking at how adorable Miles is! Icecream is my favourite too! Xx


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