Thursday, 14 August 2014

through her eyes // lily and lottie's photography adventures!

The first thing Lily did when she received her beloved Lottie doll was ask if she could take her outside and take some photos of her in the garden. She quickly whisked her new buddy away and they had quite the grand adventure! 

I have to admit I couldn't stop chuckling as I scrolled through the various creative poses Lottie found herself in!! Oh Lily. You just kill me, kiddo.

(Yes it's taken me quite a while to post these, oops! They are from May)

Artfully arranged amongst the flowers.

Gritty, urban Lottie? ;)

Lottie swinging through the sunset...

Lottie sneaks into the strawberry patch! Hopefully warding off the possums.
Lottie hanging out on top of the chicken coop :)
A bounce on the trampoline
Lottie hiding in the lemon tree...

Um.... hanging out in the car door?? With flower. Artistic??

Spinning Lottie!! She runs pretty fast ;)

I think this is my fave. Classic foot shot haha. Barefoot fun :)
Oh dear.
It just cracks me up how she is posed with a flower in most scenes :) Including in the truck!
Sweet Brother so keen to take part.
Helping hang out the washing - thanks Lottie!

Eli's photography ;) (Lily's own fashion stylin'!)
Lily and Lottie: Best Buddies!

What a sweet and quirky escapade... the first of many hijinks these two get up to!

I love that Lottie, just like my dear Lily, is not afraid to get outside and kick around in the dirt - even in her tutu ;) These girls just love to freely *play*- and that's what childhood is all about!

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