Sunday, 10 August 2014

32/52 - little lego lovers // independence days


She asked if she could make her own school lunch and of course we said 'You bet!!!'

Busily, she worked away in the kitchen and produced this pretty good selection! Ok, the crackers are not what I would usually pack, but they have avocado on them so I let it slide ;) Avo crackers, apple (creatively cut!!), cherry tomatoes, home made oat biscuit. There is also an extra container with capsicum for her 'fruit break'.

She has been packing her own lunch most days since. I am going to make up a little 'rough guide' to help her eg one or two fruit, one or two veggie, one protein, etc but for the most part let her work it out along the way. It's been great to chat about these food choices while she packs her lunch.

Not only does it lift the load (Mark and I usually pack lunches late at night) but I just love to see another step of independence blossoming. She is so ready and eager to take on these responsibilities... and we are so ready and eager to let her :) 

She was very pleased with her creation (and of course ate every morsel!)


My little Lego lover. 

A funny thing has happened in recent weeks. Both Lily and Eli have moved from merely 'liking' Lego to loving it. Relishing it. Every free moment... there they are, boxes out, building, creating, exploring, experimenting. We are much more into free creative building than following kits, and I love to see the fruit of their handiwork... and even more so, the satisfaction and pleasure they gain from their efforts.

Eli, my busy boy, quiets his hands and mind by beavering away in the middle of a pile of Lego. I love watching him at work. 

I think Lego is going to be a long and loving relationship in this home!!


Seven blocks: his Personal Best.



My handsome, beloved hubby... home again once more. So very good to have him here with us, where he belongs! Missed him like crazy. It's just not home without him.

PS Loving the beard :)

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

Very frosty mornings // the coldest week in 45 years, with it below freezing every night!

Big brother is so eager to help little brother... whether he wants it or not!

Lily likes to assemble all her creations in a little display area :)
I am so thankful for Mark's childhood Lego collection!! Finally worked out a great Lego storage solution after a friend
gave me some old tubs she was decluttering that were low enough to store under the couch. The kids roll them out for easy access and play, then can quickly roll them back again. Win! I think I will also keep an eye out for one of those Lego drawstring mat bags like this to help gather up the stuff that inevitably goes on the floor and to also transport it around. Yes, Lego is seeping through the house bit by bit! ;)
Quite a sign to discover on our bedroom door. 'We celebrate Mum and Dad' :) 

I got the kids ready for an outing then said I needed just five minutes to get ready myself in peace. This was at the end of Mark's time away, lol!! Of course, they interrupted me and of course I had to talk with them about that. After, I found this precious note outside the door from Lily. Melt.
'I am sorry that I was calling out when you were getting dressed. I am sorry.'
The kids now get their own breakfasts - they asked to! As soon as the 'sun' comes up on their clock, they come out giggling, extracting equipment and food. They eat (giggling) then pack it all away. It is pretty much awesome!!! I thought such a day would never come and now here we are. Turns out, they do eventually start looking after themselves!! In the early years, it really seems impossible but look how capable they are, heehee. We love it, they love it, win/win :)
My quirky kids. They invented this game where they say they 'watch movies' every morning by getting a stack of DVDs and one kid 'reading/acting' out the story of the movie. Yeah, I dunno, they are strange but I adore them anyway! (Ummm, they do know what books are, haha!!)


  1. So sweet! So jelous of your lego collection. My friends hubby (or his parents I guess) kept all his collection too so they have oodels of the stuff. Brian had heaps too... that probably went to charity :( Anyway! How good is it when the kids get more independent and get their own food! We're very pro that too here, makes life so much easier. And such a great protrait of Mark too Kate ;)

    1. Aw man, so sad to think of childhood Lego collections disappeared! :( Hopefully you can slowly build a new one by dribs and drabs... shame everyone holds on to them tho, they are hard to find second hand huh!! I love how independent you encourage your kids to be too, it's fantastic and I've gotten ideas from you too - funny how sometimes there will be things I just never think 'oh, the kids could be doing this themselves!' x

  2. How independent they are are much more amazing is that they are enjoying it. How do you do it?

    1. thanks marg! Well, to be honest, I don't know how we do it!! :) LOL. We definitely always encourage, praise, and give lots of opportunities to be independent... I kinda look at their childhood as one long winding road towards full independence so I try to help them through each step as often as I can. But... they also just seem to love it and enjoy taking it on and doing stuff for themselves. The novelty and control probably help too! ;) (eg getting to pick her own lunch menu!)


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