Sunday, 3 August 2014

31/52 - our happy revolving door


Mark spent this week down in Melbourne, doing a week of intensive theology study. I had been bracing myself for a week of 'flying solo' but at the last minute ended up with two lots of wonderful guests to fill the house and our week - I certainly did not have much of a chance to be lonely!

Our first batch of house guests for two nights were a true delight....the lovely clan from Documenting Delight, that is! What fun it was to have a 'twin family' stay with us (they also have a 6 year old girl, 4 year old boy, and a baby boy!). Eli was only concerned Errol (their Dad) would not have Mark to play with, haha!

Oh, what fun we had. The kids instantly clicked and enjoyed playing, playing, playing while we parents chatted, chatted, chatted. What a blessing it is to welcome new friends into our home. They are such a beautiful, good-hearted family. It was ridiculously cute to watch our six children connect in such a lovely way too.

So, here is Lily and Priya. The moment I told Lily a six year old girl was coming, she was thrilled. They shared Lily's bed at night, and by day they giggled, played, crafted, dressed up, rainbow loomed and just generally did what insta-BFF's do ;)


Our second guest for two nights was my dear old Dad! We always love having him stay. We usually tackle a project or two around the house (this time - the front garden!) and enjoy just hanging out. The kids simply adore him and they always get up to all manner of hi-jinks (it's basically like having four kids to corral, haha).

My middle boy in particular just adores quality time with Grandpa :)


Hmmm, looks like someone got into the textas!!!!!


My handsome man before he set off for the long drive to Melbourne.

So strange to have him away from us for a whole week, we missed him like crazy (even amidst the crazy of a week full of house guests). I'm so thankful he can fulfill his dream of doing this study (theology units through an American University), and I will be even more thankful when he is back home with us once more.

Hurry home to us, honey!

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

A little early morning Jenga between Eli and Priya. It was so cute, he really struggled with their names. First he called Theo 'Leo' for quite some time, then he settled on calling Theo and Priya 'Prio and Thea', heehee!! :)

Theo spotted the Kinetic Sand tub under the play table and asked what it was and could he play. Before long everyone was digging in and having a wonderful time (including the parents and the desperately determined babies!)
Sweet Georgia generously gifted my trio with their very own pair of Slugs and Snails tights from Baby Goes Retro - who said boys can't wear tights?! These are so adorable and cosy, paired with a coat, shorts and gumboots - ready for any weather! Georgia got some gorgeous shots of all six kids in tights and gumboots! Eli said 'I love these so, so much, they are so, so, so warm. Why did they put red cars on them, I think they just knowed I like red'! :)
Can't believe I made this adorable little batch of legs!! :)
I mean... c'mon!! Cutest little legs ever!
These guys made themselves busy at the craft table, making all kinds of creations together. Theo kept gifting me with little drawings, which totally melted my heart!!! Sweet boy. Note Miles by the way... he is soooo desperate to be
part of the crafting action, he is always seating himself at the table, ready to go! Actually, most of the time he climbs on top of the table, haha.
I think my dinky little camera got intimidated by Georgia's amazing camera (oh yeah, not to mention her amazing skills!) and totally refused to take any decent pics, blurring and warping the colours everywhere. Well, that's my story anyway! ;) So, this is a dodgy pic of a very sweet moment (well, just after a sweet moment). Miles obviously thought Florin was a very cool baby cos he kept gently patting his hair, it was soooooo precious! 

Six gorgeous kids all in onesies. Cuteness overload. What a delightful bunch.

The kids treated us to a puppet show. There were some dubious story lines and much hysterical giggling from both the actors and the audience!
He is a busy boy but he is also drawn to stillness. He just LOVES puzzles and it amazes me to see him so still and focused! I think puzzles are so great for kids. Lily was never keen but now gets into them too thanks to E's fascination. We got him this gorgeous Djeco puzzle for his birthday - it's 100 pieces and pretty big but I thought would be good to stretch him. And it did, but he works away patiently till it's all done - time and time and time again!

Such a cute scene - animals walking the snowy streets of Paris :)

Yep, the loom band craze has hit our home! We got a kit for Lily's birthday after several requests. I have to say this is one fad/craze I can happily jump on board with... enhancing fine motor skills, concentration and encouraging giving to others.. what's not to love?? We found the easiest way was fishtail finger looming and I spent a happy afternoon with the kids on our bed, as we all fumbled our way through looming. It was very satisfying for all of us!
Even Eli got in on the action. He was so cute, concentrating so hard!
These colourful little things seem to crawl out of the box at night and seep throughout the house!??!

Last weekend we took the kids to the theatre for the first time as a Birthday treat
for Lily. We saw the musical 'Wombat Stew' and it was simply magical. The
kids loved the whole experience, it was so exciting and involving! The first of
many trips we hope - live theatre is such an enriching experience. The day made
this theatre-junkie mother very happy :)

Lily's first Swatch watch (birthday pressie). The most adorable watch ever, I think :)
Her first attempt at looming. A little wiggly but she straightened out on subsequent attempts!! She only wore it for a few hours then decided she prefers to make them, not wear them ;)

I was transferring the rock collection into a new basket when Miles came along and decided to help me out by transferring them back again. He was so methodical, I just loved watching him at work :) 


  1. Argh! So jealous. My two favourite blogs joining together! Best post ever! I love Georgia's and yours beautiful kiddos!

    1. aw thanks so much!! that's so sweet of you though my little blog can hardly stand alongside Georgia's wonderful one! :) we had a great time together x

  2. Oh how wonderful! :) Love Georgia and her blog.... would love to meet them and have the chance to hang out!! Isn't the internet such a wonderful place!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time together!


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