Saturday, 30 August 2014

35/52 - story writing and box-hiding


The folk behind Lily's beloved Lottie doll are running a story writing competition. When I mentioned it to Lily, she was super eager to write her own entry immediately and got right to work, creative juices flowing. Here is her beautiful tale...(her actual writing is pictured below).

'One day Lottie went to her Mum, she said 'Can I go to the forest'. She said 'Yes, but be careful'. She went out the door - skippity skip. She saw a row of mushrooms then fairies came to Lottie. 'Hello' she said. 'Hello' said the fairies, 'Do you want a flight?' 'Yes please' said Lottie doll. So the fairies took Lottie to fairy land. The food was delicious. Then Lottie said 'Good bye' they kissed her on the cheek and she took a photo. The End.

She asks me every day if she has won yet ;) 

If you have a budding writer who would like to enter too, click here! Lots of lovely Lottie related prizes :)


The boy in the box.

This darling boy was having a fine old time playing in this old box, then decided he wanted to surprise Dad. We had to call him first at work where I told him (as Eli instructed me) he had to 'hurry home to get a special delivery' 'It's not me!!!" Eli hollered in the background, just so Daddy would be sure not to suspect.

For 10 minutes, my little Tiger burrowed into the box in the middle of the backyard, calling and peeking out every 30 seconds. (Don't worry, he had plenty of air and supervision!!)

Finally Daddy arrived home, ready for his surprise delivery. He jiggled, lifted and prodded the box while the surprise giggled hysterically inside. Finally Daddy opened the box and received the gift of a thousand cuddles. A precious delivery indeed. 

He is just the sweetest. Every day he seems to get sweeter, how is that even possible?!


Little Boy Blue. My beautiful boy blue.

I meant to take a photo of you walking this week, but, alas, I didn't manage it. I did try but as soon as I get the camera out you launch at me before I can capture you. Much like you did (repeatedly) three milliseconds after this sweet photo. I will try harder next week, I may need back up!!?


We went to the big Lego exhibition. The kids absolutely loved it, though I think perhaps their father loved it most of all!! ;)

Ain't it grand to have kids to help justify revisiting all your childhood passions??

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

I didn't get many shots of the big fancy displays at the Lego expo, as it was just so crowded, the light was awful and I was having too much fun exploring all the Lego worlds with the kids. But these three little pigs in the Fairyland exhibit won my heart :)

Lily took her camera and was very serious about getting each shot. Not the tongue poking out to help her concentrate, and E's poking out too in support ;)
Did I mention she was serious about getting the right shot!! :)

She asked one night this week if she could make dinner for us all by herself. 'Ummmm, yes' I said! So, she assembled the Black Bean and Quinoa wraps while I was able to take care of other chores. All the while she chatted and smiled and made fancy table settings and put out candles as well as diligently grating rice and carrots and so on. I think I could get used to this!!! What a gem xx

Caught up in a story of her own creation... 

I mean, come on!! What a wonderful tale. I'd give it first prize for sure... and I am only a weeny bit biased ;)
It's the phonetic spelling that charms me most. And the ending!! I love that she knew to gather evidence, haha.

I'm not too fussed about my own shoes, but can't get over my love for baby and kid's shoes. Miles' new kicks are just too cute!! I think he must share my passion as the first thing he says when he wakes from a sleep is 'shoes! shoes!' and points and waits till I get him all kitted out :)

My little copy-cat. He is so observant, eager to imitate everything he sees us do. After I had wiped him and then the tray down after a meal, he grabbed the cloth from the table and gave it a good old clean himself... perhaps my job was not up to scratch??
Mark had the toolkit out for another project and the kids were trying to name all the tools and were keen to put them to use, so I suggested they tighten the screws on this cart. They took their task very seriously!!

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  1. Absolutely LOVE that 4th photo from the bottom of Eli in the box. Gorgeous!!


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