Monday, 25 August 2014

documenting delight for us

Georgia from the uber-charming Documenting Delight sweetly sent me some images she took of our clan during her family's recent visits with us. 

They are sorta similar to shots I have recently shared... well, similar, but just a thousand times better of course!!! :) So, I thought they deserved their very own post.

So grateful for these beautiful photos! She has some serious talent, this lady - as well as being all round delightful :)

Our six cuties in onesies :)

Our attempt at six kids in Slugs'N'Snails tights and gumboots. The babies were not so thrilled at our grand plan! 

She captured the sparkle in his eyes :)


A blossoming friendship x

Who is this beautiful young woman? Sigh....

Just me and my boy xx

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