Friday, 18 October 2013


A bit of a photo essay of our last beach day in sunny Queensland 

(yes, I promise this marks the last of the holiday snaps!). 

A lazy, late, and rather windy-but-warm afternoon hanging out on the beach with Grandpa, Kaos the dog and the rest of my little tribe.

Good times, simple times, the best of times.

Kaos was eager to help dig in the sand!

My spritely Dad ;) running with the kids. (Kaos always in the mix too!) Thankfully my Dad is still a big kid at heart,
so the kids always have a blast playing with him :)

Beach races - everyone's a winner in this case!

me and my little bear

He is laughing 'cos he has got hold of my necklace... again. Cheeky boy is constantly grabbing it, trying to munch on the charms (nooo!) and wave the chain about... especially during feeding. It melts my heart as this necklace is so special to me. Just glad he hasn't broken it - yet!

thumbs up for beach time! 

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