Saturday, 19 October 2013

40/52 - sisters + cousins



(Exploring the amazing Pod Playground at the Arboretum once again!)


Flying free, filled with joy and a good dose of abandon.


Peekaboo.... yes, I see you!

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013

A few more highlights from the week that was...

He is... Joy.
Because Baby + Wisteria is always a winning combo :)

My lovely sister (HI ANNE!!!!), her partner and my most adorable little niece came to visit from Melbourne. It was sooooo good to hang out together and especially spend a good chunk of time with my super-cute niece who is growing up so quick - sniff, sniff. It kills me that we all live so far apart and can't hang out more... especially with this crop of cousins sprouting up! I just love seeing the kids playing together, knowing they have a lifetime of family-functions to endure together, hahah :)

My ridiculously adorable niece :) Like... seriously?! Cuteness.

Yup. Boy :)

My lovely and talented Nana knitted some amazing beanies for the kids. How gorgeous is this??

Hahahahaaha, what is up with this expression!?

Little Green Riding Hood. Another stunning creation from Great Nana :)

SpiderGirl exploring at the Pod Playground!

Heehee!!! Alaia on the big net swing. Her expression is like 'Um. I don't hate it but I sure ain't loving it either' :)

Attempted shot of all the cousins. Eli's protective hold of Alaia just kills me. Along with her happy (patient) smile. He was thoroughly enjoying being 'Big Cousin' during her visit, eager to caution her about everything she couldn't touch ;) 

Eli explains the ins and outs of sunscreen to Alaia (she listens intently) whilst Miles examines his toes.

Thankful for sisters and cousins and the messing and blessing of family xx


  1. sweet photos. Time with cousins are so special!

  2. Ahhh, such great sots at the Arboretum! I love that first one of Lily. Her eyes securely on the pole. It is a real action shot and I love it! The one of your niece on the round swing is hilarious! I reckon kids only dig on that swing when they are older and are able to control it somewhat. Seriously, how cool is that Playground? Whenever we have visitors with kids I take them there. How can they not think Canberra is cool after visiting that place? ? ;)
    The pics of Miles in your backyard are so lovely. His big smile is infectious!
    and Eli with his little cuz - squeal, so cute!

    1. thanks hon, yeah i loved the look in her eyes on the pole shot. so determined :) its such an awesome playground isnt it? i feel like we have not properly explored it yet, need a longer visit on a quieter day i tihnk!!

  3. That wisteria is impressive! You must have green thumbs Kate:-) My favourite is the one of Eli on the swing - his facial expression is priceless and you captured it so clearly - such a difficult shot to nail when the swing is going so fast to and fro.

    1. not much of a green thumb i dont think! the wisteria was already growing when we moved in - i just randomly prune it and it just keeps growing nicely haha! aw thanks i loved the swing shot too though its not as sharp as i had hoped for, the emotion is all there!

  4. Kate, your photography improves every week. That photo of Lily on the ropes is an absolute cracker! Also love the one of Eli on the swing and so many cute pictures of Miles. Well done!

    1. your comment just made me beam!! :) coming from you, that is high praise indeed so thankyou!! funnily, mark just said the same thing last night which was very sweet but... I dunno... I just see mostly the flaws in the photos, like I can tell the gaps between what I take and what I can see it could be if I had more skills/know-how (or if you, rachel, amber etc took the same shot). I know what I am trying to do but so hard to capture it, it seems!! But if I am slowly improving, I am thankful for that! :)

  5. Thanks for the big intro Sis, am I famous now?? Well Alaia is at least...all the shots are great well above anything I could ever do... You'll need to email me the pics. Love u spk soon xxx a

    1. yes you are now famous, haha :) will email you the piccies.... love that close up of alaia, what a cutie!! it was a great visit - just too short!! xx


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