Thursday, 31 October 2013

43/52 - giggles


All year long, I have carried with me a little voice in my heart that repeats over and over, 'This is your last year before she starts full time school'. Each time I hear it, my heart swells a little more in anticipation of the change that is coming. Our biggest transition yet... yes, it is 'ours'! My eyes moisten just at the thought... I miss her already and it hasn't even happened yet. So much adventure ahead.

I see photos like this and gasp. She is growing, growing, growing. 

My little lady xx


He saw his sister was taking a 'handbag' to church and wanted to get in on the fun. He rustled up a couple of bags to carry his Bee and Elephant in - one paper, one Harrods! Love his ingenuity and the dose of quirk he brings along with whatever he does.

He makes my heart smile.


His top two teeth are fiiiiiinally breaking through. 

The top left first, closely followed by the right. Much of his time is spent with his hands shoved in his mouth, gnawing away...when he isn't gnawing on whatever else he can get hold of, of course (like my fingers!).

Despite the obvious discomfort, he is still full of smiles!

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

Digging into rockmelon with relish. One of his favourite foods.
These smiling eyes beam at me constantly, they are his signature. Miles of Smiles.

I have a weakness. It's for babies learning to self-feed, when they use both hands to hold the food in.
It's just so cute!

Bags are packed and they are ready to head out to church.
Every photo in this series makes me giggle. What a pair they are!

I don't even know how to caption this. Oh, Eli!!! He is pure comedy.

Is it the different hairstyle or did my baby girl just age about a decade??!

Proudly sporting her new (home made) purse and summer sandals.
He has a load to bear.

Getting heavy already??

I attached the clip-on highchair to the bench. The older two freaked out with excitement to have Miles up with them like a big boy. Miles, who looooves being part of the action, was similarly thrilled :) 

'Just look at the camera, Baby Miles'
A not so gentle helping-hand.

Sometimes its hard being the baby brother, huh, buddy?

I love seeing three happy little sets of legs dangling under the bench. How blessed I am with my precious trio.


I have about a dozen photos like this - one gasping face, one hysterical
giggling face - over and over! He was cracking up at Lily playing
Peekaboo with the fan. 

sweet smiles, sweet moments. just love these special shots!

'It ain't easy being so cute. I have to take a whole lotta kisses!!'

Trying to fit his entire hands in his mouth. Those top two teeth are a challenge!

Modelling her new fairy skirt lovingly made by her grandmother, along with trying
out Great-Nanna's fan and clip-on earrings.
A refreshing change from the fairy outfits!
A bit of variety is always good :)


  1. So many great pictures Kate! Love the ones of your trio at the bench, especially the ones from behind. And the one of Miles being given some 'direction' ;)
    The light on Miles' face in the pictures with grandma is beautiful and his expression in the fan pictures is sooooo cute. Well captured!

  2. Is there anything better than a giggly, happy baby face! Such great shots Kate!

    And I can totally relate to the doting sibling love Miles recieves, little Daisy gets her dose of it everyday too ;)


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