Wednesday, 23 October 2013

41/52 - a trip


Preparing to sail her 'boat'.

(She has more ideas than she has patience to actually create with the Lego!)


Hands clenched, intent on making it fit.


Baby loves to plank. And rock on his knees. And do push ups. 

All the cool yoga moves, really ;) 

Not crawling yet but he is definitely considering the option!

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was....

This week took a sudden turn when we got word that Mark's beloved Grandad had taken seriously ill. In a flurry of decision-making and last minute planning, we booked flights for Mark, myself and Miles to go to Adelaide. We would go spend some good quality time with Grandad, introduce him to his new great-grandson and visit with the rest of the family there - also helping sort and pack up Grandad's house as he was requesting. My amazing Mum generously offered to have Lily and Eli stay with her for the weekend so we could move fast and help with the house-packing. It all unfolded so quickly after our recent trip away and my sister's visit, it was a bit of a whirlwind.

So off we went...flying interstate with just one little munchkin. It was a surreal weekend, a mixture of every emotion. It was very strange to leave Lily and Eli behind. Not that they even blinked and missed us for a second, too excited about spending the weekend getting spoilt rotten at the grandparents house (ummm.... dessert every night after dinner!!) . They are so happy, loved and at home there (by home, I mean, their equivalent of a luxury resort, they have it good). Hopefully they did not exhaust Nana and Papa too much. Papa did say to us afterwards 'Now I know why you guys usually look so tired!' Haha - indeed ;)

It was certainly quiet travelling without their constant chatter. I think we talked more just on the plane trip than we have in months! Also quite amusing to masquerade as 'first time parents' as we appeared to most people with just a little baby in tow. Funny how once you become a parent you cannot 'unsee' without those parent eyes. We stayed in the sleepy, quaint little beachside town of Victor Harbour where Mark's Grandad lives. Strolling around the local sights (Clydesdale horses that pull a carriage across the bridge to Granite Island, penguins on the rocks, a mini-ferris wheel), it was hard to stop exclaiming 'Ohhhh, the kids would love to see that!'. I really missed having them to share the adventure with. But, ok, the quiet was rather nice too, I must admit. ;)

Snowy Mountains (somewhere between here and Adelaide!?)
First flight. He fed during take off then drifted off to sleep like the little angel he is :)
Miles chilling out at Melbourne Airport on layover (iPhone pic)
It was so funny to be flying with a baby again. We took our first flight with Lily when she was just seven weeks old (up to Brisbane to visit my Dad). Before she turned two, we took eight different return flights with her around the country! Then Eli arrived and we have not flown since!! 

(Bigger family + More Stuff + Kids Older than Two who Require Paid Tickets = Road Trippin'!).  

Have Ergo, will travel. (iphone)

But in the midst of the moments of sweetness and quiet and family togetherness, the trip was also sad, painful and tough for various reasons. It was a privilege but also deeply hard and sad to see Grandad who is very ill. There was such a mixture of unexpected issues and family and emotions that cannot be fully explained or separated... all you can do is feel each one fully for what it is, and accept that this melting pot of contradicting emotions is the stuff of life. It was good and right to be there. Love shows up. And I thank God that we were able to make this trip happen, that He allowed Mark to have this intense and special time with his wonderful grandfather - a true gentleman and beloved patriarch. I know it meant the world to Grandad to have us there - he did not expect it in the least and it was all the more special for that. It was good to honour him in this way. He loved meeting Miles and I think loved knowing just how important he is to us all. As it should be.

It is a precious thing to sort through papers collated through a lifetime. This is one special treasure. Mark's grandparents are from England and Grandad fought in World War Two shortly after they married. Discovering this sweet card melted my heart. It brought home to me just how many sweethearts were missing their loved ones during that war - that cards like these were commercially printed, purchased and sent with such love and hope. A handwritten message on the back from Nanna to Grandad declared a gentle love that would go on to flourish and span more than sixty years. What an inspiration to us all. 

At Victor Harbour, walking the bridge to Granite Island.
A special time for Mark - he has many precious childhood memories of walking around here
with his Grandparents when on holidays. (iphone)

Had a lovely quiet prayer-filled beach walk with my little fella :)

Peaceful. (iphone)

Home again...

Creating with Lego... the huge collection and the cool storage all Mark's when he was a kid :)


  1. Enjoyed seeing these Kate. Especially loved the peaceful beach scene. This is so Victor Harbor. Dave said it and I agree that it is a beautiful shot. Would love to see this enlarged... mmm maybe a project for the future. Love to see the kids enjoying the Lego :) xx

  2. Grandparents are so special! Glad that Mark and you got the time to spend with him! He sounds like a wonderful man! X

  3. Loving the 'old school' lego! Thomas' grandfather has boxes and boxes of lego like this at his home that once belonged to Claus. It makes my heart sing to see T hold in his hands things that his daddy held too. I'm sure Mark loves to see his children enjoy the things he enjoyed when he was a child too.

    What a blessing to be able to go and visit Mark's Grandad. Saying goodbye is hard of course, but so much better than to lose a loved one without the chance.

    Highlight for me this week is seeing Miles on his tippy toes. Such a cute, clever (and STRONG) little fellow! He will be off and chasing those big kids in no time.


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