Wednesday, 9 October 2013

38/52 - australia zoo thrills... and spills

*can't believe I am still blogging from our holiday - it seems soooo long ago and I am so behind! Almost done, if anyone is still reading, haha! *


Every day of our holiday she begged to wear this gorgeous white dress an older friend recently handed down to her, and today was the day. She accessorised with a little pink suitcase... as you do!

The day before, she had an accident on her scooter. Bravely careering down a hill, she tried to brake and fell, scraping up her precious little nose and lip quite badly... thankfully she was wearing a helmet and did not lose any teeth! She was pretty devastated at the fall and was sobbing that her preschool friends would laugh at her for being all scraped up! :( But before long, with some cuddles and chats, she was wearing her 'war wound' proudly. Of course, I still think she looks adorable! All the more adorable for her bravery :)

Love the juxtaposition of pretty dress and scraped up face - my brave, active, girly girl :)


Reason #124,764 Why I Love This Boy: 

He could reach the bathroom tap at my Dad's house quite easily, and was so pleased by his ability to turn the tap on that he got a (plastic!) cup and filled it. This is what I encountered - my boy gingerly making his way down the stairs with a cup full of water tucked under his arm. He then delivered a cup to each family member outside... 'Dis a drink of water for you when you're thirsty' he declared seriously.

Everyone suddenly found themselves gravely thirsty of course, and gratefully received their beverage! ;)


Who needs TV?! 

Miles enjoyed watching Grandpa's fish tank every day whilst munching on some roasted green beans :)


Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was....

We took a trip to Australia Zoo whilst on holidays. It was fantastic!! My Dad, and my sister's family came along and we had a wonderful time... so much to see and do, we could have added a second day. 

I had recorded a couple episodes of Wildlife Warriors a few weeks ago and Lily loooved it, so it was great to encourage and extend her interest in learning about and caring for animals. A very healthy interest for this otherwise princess-obsessed girl ;) A special bonus was getting to visit the Animal Hospital too and see where and how they care for the injured wildlife. It really is a great place. Yay for the Irwins :)

Eli's favourite part of the day was hand-feeding the elephants (they love fruit!)

We were strolling around when Lily happened to run into a little friend from Playschool days! What a surprise! They had not seen each other for almost a year, but of course were holding hands and declaring themselves best friends
within thirty seconds ;) Such a random encounter two states away from our home!

Loving the Africa exhibit!

We loved the Crocodile and Bird show... but Miles was more interested in his Rice Cake :)

The Triplets and Eli. And yes, the trio were pretty close to climbing into the animal pen!

They loved the spinning ride!

We tried to get a shot of all the cousins. This one with Alex falling off the bench is the best we got... seriously!!!! ;)

Lily and I made it our mission to collect some beautiful shells (with holes in them) for a special craft activity back home.

Grandma set up an awesome cubby outside. Much fun was had within those secret walls.

The beachside lagoon is such a great little spot.

Awwww... my Dad  - the proud Grandpa watching/laughing at the grandkids antics :) (and yes, he is wearing his 'going out' akubra - as opposed to his work akubra. He is a country boy, no doubt!)

Kicking back and talking to Nana on speakerphone... they were missing her dreadfully! Miles was keen to listen in too.

Dad (owner of the toes!) was doing some gardening and potting and of course (being my Dad!) had to put his
grandson in the pot for a laugh.

Auditioning for Anne Geddes :)

We wanted to crank up the tunes for a dance party with the kids.... so Dad popped on his earphones to protect
the littlest ears :)

Attempting some nice shots of my precious trio.... attempting. Seriously - I salute these amazing mamas who get all their kids looking at the camera, perfectly smiling, etc. It never happens for me?!? Nonetheless, these crazy shots are full of the personalities of my three little duckies, so I can't complain (much).

Love, love, love. 

2/3. Eli pulling his silly 'listening face'.

Miles almost loses arm to over-enthusiastic brother!

Eli tries holding Miles' hand with his chin. !!!

Miles distracted by the waving palm tree.

Things may not be picture perfect, but they are perfectly us. I am so grateful for this silly, kooky, busy little three. 


  1. What wonderful memories you have created, and beautiful kids. Your little boy sounds so sweet, and brave little girl. amazing to run into someone two states away! Love the shot of the three together

    1. thanks so much Erin :) yes its great to look back on the fun family memories we have made on our trip!

  2. Your day at Aus Zoo looks like lots of fun. And kind of empty. It's always been heaving when I've visited. Lucky you!
    Favourite picture this week? The one of Miles looking over his shoulder (in front of the fish tank). Awwwww..... that smile! What a sweet, happy, gorgeous little boy. Love!

  3. I love the contrast of Lily's pristine white dress and her massive sore on her face - that's childhood for you! Your Australia Zoo trip sounded so good and great that there was something for everyone.
    The shot of all the cousins together is hilarious! Ten points for trying guys!
    I think your family shots are just lovely, especially the one of Eli holding (grabbing) Miles' arm - so funny!


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