Friday, 28 June 2013

miles.tones // five months

Miles is now the princely age of five months old, which is shocking mostly because it precedes SIX MONTHS OLD. Eep!! Just the fact that it marks half way through that momentous first year... it seems crazy! In our family, six months will also mean introducing solids (Baby Led Weaning for the third time around, yippee) which really means he is growing up. I have a month to prepare myself... for the milestone, the fun and the mess! ;)


Routine-wise, it is pretty same-same as last month. Wake times are about 1.5 hours though he can happily do up to two hours if the realities of life require it (eg outings and errands). I would say 50% of the time I wake him up for a feed, and 50% of the time he wakes himself. I have been bringing the Dream Feed forward a bit so he now gets about 10 solid hours overnight. I won't look at dropping it until after solids are established, I think. I have to admit I do enjoy that quiet and cosy evening feed too :)

7.30am - Feed, Play Time
9am - Nap
11am - Feed, Play
12.30pm - Nap
2.30 - Feed, Play
4.00pm - Nap
5.30pm - Feed, Play, 
7pm - Feed (top up) then Bedtime about 7.15pm
9.30/10pm-ish - Dream Feed then Sleeps through the Night.

Whachu talkin' 'bout??

Miles.tones and More....

Miles is still our bonny boy. Just so happy, chilled out, chatty and easy going. Even getting taken straight from his cosy bed to do a school run on a chilly afternoon, he just rolls with it, looking around curiously and being ever so patient! :)

He is now rolling purposefully from front to back (i.e. not just 'toppling over'!), and always looks pretty bemused as to how his world view changes so suddenly! He gets about 3/4 of the way from back to front but not yet got the final 'oomph' to get over. He wriggles all around the place and kicks his feet with such vigour I cannot keep any socks on those tootsies!

He loves to gnaw on anything he can get those little gums on - especially my fingers. Both the other kiddos teethed at five months so I am expecting a little toothy-peg sometime soon.

Little Miles is still sporting his crazy baby mohawk. His hair is slowly growing in blonde underneath so it looks like the dark mohawk is all he has right now! I guess none of my kiddos will have dark hair like me - I had high hopes for Miles but they have been dashed, haha. The other hair on the back and sides is about 2cms long, and blonde with dark tips. I am sure such a complex hairstyle would cost a fortune to achieve at the local hair salon ;)

Over the last month he developed a bit of eczema so I have been taking a few approaches to help clear that up (things like less baths and keeping them lukewarm when I do give them, using different bath oils and creams, naturopath appointments, reducing and cutting out dairy etc). Thankfully, it has hugely improved and of course I am not too sure what exactly helped it along - but I am grateful it has! His skin was so red and welted, dry and rashy but now is so much clearer. Not 100% thought, so I will keep things up for now and hope it does not get worse again.

Lily is desperately trying to teach him to say words but sadly no luck just yet ;) Well, she insists his coos and squeaks are words anyway! When he starts solids, we will also start a bit of Baby Sign Language. Oh brother, I am not yet ready for him to grow up so much, lol!!

All in all, he is still our adorable, content, happy and sweet little ray of sunshine.

We love cherishing every little Miles.tone with you, sweet boy!

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