Sunday, 30 June 2013

26/52 - the freeze and the trees


Our little ballerina points her toes and twirls around in her adorable skirt, 
sweetly gifted from her Auntie Megan. 


Running wild and free.... his favourite way to be.

So much joy in such a little body!


Nothing quite like a post-bath baby all cosily bundled in a big towel!

This gentle scene made me stop a moment. Not just  because of my gorgeous little boy, quietly peeping out of his towel, all fuzzy and fresh. But I felt so thankful I unintentionally photographed our change table. A strange thing perhaps, but we bought this gorgeous item when pregnant with Lily. We got it second hand - it had been lovingly hand made by the clever couple we bought it from. Solid wood, super sturdy and higher than any of the other change-tables we came across, it was a great find.

Ok, so the activity that takes place on it is not always so wonderful!! But at the same time, a lot of sing-songs, baby chats, dressing and undressing, smiles and coos have  occurred on this little table, now on it's third go-round. A significant part of this season, it will be hard to let it go when the time comes.

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

Highlights of the week that was...

It may have been sunny but it sure was frosty too when we ventured out to our
favourite cafe to treat my lovely Mum. Miles was bundled up like a cute
little Snowman!

Nana and Miles... despite the yawn, we had a lovely time!

She's testing out her physical skills and it's my job to sit back and watch her go for it.

We couldn't resist ducking out to the new National Arboretum for the opening of an incredible new playground. It was packed out, it was gorgeous and it is sure to be a new favourite family destination!

She nurtures. He adores.

Hiking his bounty up the hill... this incredible hill just made for rolling down and
running up!

Incredible new playground. It was too crowded to fully explore on Open Day  - but we will be back soon!!

My, how she's grown. Bold as can be, she introduced herself and sang a song
with a little friend at our church Talent night. A far cry from last time,
she was so determined to be brave!

After reaching a special milestone, Lily and I had a little afternoon together that
included painting nails. She got to choose the colours for herself and for me!
And she painted my nails. And I wore them in public for two days!

Mmmm. Why wear the same colour on both hands, says Lily! Clearly, neither
of us are manicurists, huh! But we had so much fun anyway :)

Most nights Mark invents some new form of carrying the kids to bed. This one was a real hit!

It's funny how some things can change the habits of your home so quickly you can hardly remember a time it was
different. We finally (after two years!) got bar stools for our kitchen bench. Now the kids mostly eat breakfast and
lunch up there - and we all love it. They love being up high, giggling together. Mark and I love having them closer to the
kitchen where we are often pottering around prepping meals or cleaning. I love that it contains their mess to the kitchen area! Also love that guests can now sit there rather than hover! All in all... it's nice when an object facilitates life :)


  1. gorgeous first photo! such a lovely angle xx

  2. All amazing shots...the 2nd one of lily with chino, her face has changed again...a lot older n she doesn't look as much like u?! Xx

    1. yes she is looking SO much older... it's really shocking me lately

  3. I adore your photos!! That first shot is absolutely beautiful and your little one's face in the second shot is priceless! x

  4. Gorgeous! They're growing up so much! I can't believe how fast it happens! xx

  5. Those shots of Miles all cuddly in his towel with that awesome dark hair sticking out are just sooooo cute. But, my most favorite photo this week is the first one with you and Lily - the way she is looking at her mama just melts my heart!

    1. thanks faith - i was loving Miles in the towel too, i gotta admit! i just noticed her looking at me in that shot... pretty amazing isnt it to be a mum and have your kids look at you like that :) hope it lasts ;)

  6. I love the way you write about your family, Kate. You have such a wonderful collection of photos and writing here, your kids are so lucky to have these great memories recorded!

    1. thank you :) it's always sweet to imagine them reading this one day.... surreal but very cool!

  7. my favourites this week, i cant resist ballerinas or babies!


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