Sunday, 2 June 2013

22/52 - a foggy day in canberra town


* Little Purple Riding Hood *

My sweet girl off to church (instead of Grandma's house)... on a very misty morning.


My little ray of sunshine on a cloudy  foggy day. 

(Perfectly cosy in his lovely woolley jumper handed down from his buddy, Finn).


Lily said today, 'Oh Miles, you're just so enchanting!'

I can only agree. We are positively bewitched by this little pixie!

Here he is looking extra jaunty in this delicious little knit bonnet... perfect for keeping those tiny ears warm over these winter months.

Project 52: A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013. 

More highlights from the week that was...

Little Purple Riding Hood (and Catty) inspect a Rose Hip.

Little quiff

Retro Baby

Cannot get enough of 'Baby in Bonnet'. Sorry for the image overload!

When Mark came home from work, the kids were hanging out under the kitchen counter. 'Dere's plenty room for you, Daddy!' Eli sweetly proclaimed. With an invite like that, who could resist (even in his suit)?!

E delivers some mail to Daddy in the bedroom and anxiously awaits a reply.

Rainy days go hand-in-hand with indoor cubbies.

Kicking back in the winter sunshine while Mummy gets ready to go out.


  1. Love it! We do indoor cubbies too, no doubt a Canberra family tradition all round given some of the chilly days we have. :)
    PS Love Lily's shoes on the wrong feet, so adorable!

    1. yes, they sure are on those cold rainy winter days, huh! haha at her shoes, yes i noticed that later too... funny girl :)

  2. We're further south, and the early morning mist is lingering to early afternoon sometimes! Lovely photos! O -sweet baby!

    1. it's amazing huh, how thick the fog has been lately! thanks for stopping by x

  3. The first photo is fantastic!! The composition, shadow, colors, the coat/hood, the cheeky smile and busy fingers...all perfect! I really, really love it.

    Eli is looking so adorable in that cozy sweater. And Miles is just so sweet. I love his hair poking out from under that cap. I like the second to last photo also. The light really highlights his delicate skin.

    1. aw faith, coming from you, that compliment means a lot :) i'm trrrrrrrying to improve my photo-taking!! it's slow but i was pretty happy w the shot of lily too.

      yeah, Miles has quite the quiff, heehee... it's growing in blonde so it's gonna look crazy for a good while yet :)

  4. Love all the foggy photos you captured this week. It was a spooky, gloomy day indeed wasn't it? I am so chuffed that Finn's old jumper fits Eli! I was so bummed that Finn refused to wear that lovely jumper (my sensitive lad doesn't like wool :( ) but glad that it can be worn by someone else - yay!
    And little Miles in his Pixie hat - what a sweetheart! Lily's comment is sooooo sweet too!
    The picture of Mark under the bench is a sweet moment - I love it when our children invite us into their special hiding places :)

    1. thanks hon :) yeah hasnt the fog been incredible lately! well, eli was happy to gain such a cosy jumper, its so lovely and soft and thankfully eli doesnt care what he wears (though he does have strong shoe-preferences haha) so it's a winner :)

  5. Oh I just adore these photo's, such beautiful children you have!

  6. Retro baby is rocking that hairstyle - and hoodie
    Great atmosphere with the fog

  7. Oh my goodness!! Could that bonnet be ANY CUTER!!??


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