Sunday, 16 June 2013

24/52 - Bunk Buddies // Changing Rooms // Grandpa's French Toast

It was a busy milestone-filled kind of long weekend around here. Not only did my Dad and his lovely wife come to visit us, but they provided a good incentive to get the new bedroom arrangements sorted out to free up the guest room Miles has been occupying. After a zillion hours (more or less) of online research, we finally ordered a bunk bed for Lily and Eli. So, our busy weekend of fun with the Grandparents also contained bedroom shuffling and associated tasks!

Miles moved from the guest room to Eli's old room (and into the cot!), and Eli moved into a bunk bed with Lily. We assembled the bunks, and ripped out, re-structured and repainted the wardrobes to more efficiently store all the kid's clothes. The house was littered with kid's toys and clothes while everything got sorted and shifted. It is the dawning of a new little era in our home!

The big kids were beyond excited to be sharing a room... and yes, much giggling and chatting was had at bedtime! These two are already so delightfully close, but room-sharing is cementing their sweet bond even further. I love to overhear their precious and hilarious little conversations in the dark (I've secretly left my iPhone voice-recording in the room a few times for posterity). They also love gleefully presenting themselves at my bedside in the morning when their toddler alarm clock lights up!  They seem more of a 'duo' than ever now. I know they will store up a treasure trove of memories from these days of room-sharing.


Proud and pleased to be on the top bunk! 

We thought she may have been nervous, especially using the ladder, but she scampers up and down skillfully, carefully and confidently. Well done, my darling.

She loves her cosy little top-nest :) 

Thankfully, the bunk is sturdy enough for me to clamber up for night time cuddles and chats... not sure if I am always going to be nimble and energetic enough though?!


Proud to be in his Big Boy Bed, he was thrilled to 'gift' his cot to his little brother, Baby Miles. 

Eli had a massive transition, not only moving into a bed, but also a bunk bed and sharing a room with his sister! 

Being Eli, he of course had to check the placement of every boundary around this new arrangement! The first night of 'freedom', he was in and out of bed like a yo-yo, coming out to make all kinds of requests, trying on his gumboots at 9pm (!!), and chatting and giggling with Lily till all hours... to the point where she was asking him to be quiet so she could get to sleep! He was just excited.

A few strategies have been employed to keep him in his bed after a set grace-period, and thankfully he is calming down now! No doubt there will be further (mis)adventures in the future as he learns to cope with his new found freedom but all in all, he is doing well. 

He is such a grown up boy now, that is for sure. My little man, it is so good to see you take this leap and relishing this milestone! 


'Are you leaving me here in this Baby Jail, Mummy?!'

Haha - seriously, he loves being in the cot and it's great he now has space to wriggle around to his heart's content... though it's disconcerting to see him scootch from one end of the cot to the other!

It is so good having him set up in his own room - at last! 

 Project 52: A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

'Now I can really streeeetch out!'

Love that furrowed little brow!

Mark and Grandpa setting up the bunk - with assistance from Handyman Eli

In my father's hands, he gnaws his own little mitts!

Her favorite vantage point.

We had so much fun shopping together for new cosy flannelette sheets and doona covers for their shared room.
You can't quite see but the doona covers are pink/blue versions of the same stripe and spot. Too cute!

When we were little, whenever Dad cooked, it was French Toast. I like to tease that it was all he could cook, haha.
 I have such sweet memories of us girls lined up in front of dishes of mixture, dipping and flipping!  Dad introduced my kids to the wonders of the dish and it was pretty darn adorable to see them in the kitchen together. :)

Grandpa explains the finer points of French Toast flipping to an enraptured and inquisitive Grandson

'So, you're saying it's all in the wrist?'

'Let me just check if the milk/egg ratio is correct'

She's got the writing bug... 


Eli 'gently' introducing Miles to the wonders of the iPad, while I scream in horror.
Grandpa brings all the technology to town!!

Playing hairdressers with Grandma and having the time of her life!

Making yummy healthy Bliss Balls with the kids for a snack, thanks to Amber for the recipe and tips!


  1. Gorgeous photos. Those bunk beds. I was cursing as I changed the sheets this week, so hard to make and tuck in just right. lol. But the kids certainly look impressed with the changes and I guess that's what it's all about.

  2. Wow ... what a fabulous collection of beautiful photos.
    Looks like you had a busy, but exciting week :0)

  3. Another big week in your house Kate! I am so happy to hear that the bunk bed transition has gone well (I have been meaning to ask you for an update!) I love Eli's bunk bed photo and the little write up about him testing out all the boundaries before settling in. I had to laugh when you mentioned him coming out just to try on his gumboots. I can just see him going that, with his big grin :) Funny little guy. So great to hear that Lily handled the change with such maturity too.

    Mile's portrait this week is a crack up! Big changes for all your children on the sleeping front this week.

    I love all the photos with your Dad, especially the ones where Eli is listening to your Dad talk through the instructions to French Toast. Gorgeous.

  4. The shot in which Lily is holding up the 'Mummy' sign is really magical for me both because you can see her excitement about what is a very very exciting new skill and because you can see just what an incredibly warm and beautiful adult she is going to be. The bunk bed picture is brilliant, I always love to see their joy in each other. And Miles is just completely delicious.


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