Sunday, 9 June 2013

23/52 - spreading ourselves thickly // winter upon us


'It's real ice, Mummy. It's really real ice and I found it outside!' she squealed.

You know winter is here when the kids run into the backyard in the morning and find slivers of ice from the water pooled on the backyard play equipment. Brrrrrr.


'You don't want this chocolate biscuit back, do you?'


All rugged up in his cosy winter coat.

Darling third child, in case you ever feel like all you get is hand-me-downs... and yes, this will likely be mostly the case... let the record (blog) show that I did buy you this brand new warm little jacket to get you through this winter of chilly school drop offs and pick ups! I shall try to set it aside for you as evidence when you're grown,  in case you feel hard done by! :) xx Mum

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

We have hit a new groove for our family lately. Life has settled down into a sweet, slower, relaxed pace. We are spreading ourselves more thickly - doing less, but getting more out of it. Spending our time with intention rather than scattered, hectic activity. Ironically, the relentless busy-ness of life with young children forces us to slow down but also gives us more energy and purpose in doing what really matters to us. I want to appreciate this season for what it is, and the gifts and lessons that God brings with it.

Several things we have long prayed for and worked towards for our family and faith have met us in this place... and so a feeling of peace and contentment pervades my days. Of course, there are still ups and downs and grumps and dramas as real life tends to contain. But overall? We know we are in the right place and space for our family. Blessed to be able to savour this season, and determined to be conscious and generous with our bounty.

Yup, he knows the right way to eat a chocolate-based biscuit!

Deliciously soft and cosy alpaca wool booties... a sweet gift perfect for these little feet.
By the way, despite this shot looking so calm and restful, don't be fooled!
These little feet pump up and down like pistons and it took a zillion shots to get this one!

The day long begged, pleaded and cajoled for arrived. I allowed her to do the
'stand up hold' that she assured me she's been practising with her dolls.
Oh darling girl, looks like it was worth the wait! And no dropping, phew!

Yes, his hair is out of this world :) And it always sticks up.

Blissed-Out Mini-Mama xx

Love. Love. Love.


  1. This week I am in LOVE with Eli's portrait. He looks so cute all bundled up snacking away on his cookie.

    Miles' hair is so awesome! And Lily looks so proud to be standing up holding her lil bro. He looks so long next to her!

    1. aw thanks Faith :) yeah he is pretty serious about his food, lol!

      she is SO proud and yes Miles hair is crazy and amazing heehee. And he looks big indeed, i thought the same!

  2. I am not kidding- your kids could be models!!! I love the photos of Lily holding Miles. She looks like she LOVES her role as big sister. And- its so funny to look at pictures of your babes all bundled up- it's 100 degrees here in Texas right now!! Hehehe!!

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Kate. I think I may have a good cry when my Mum gets here! I absolutely adore the first portrait of Lily (gorgeous dress) with the ice and the first hold pictures are PERFECT, just so beautiful. And Miles looks huge!

    1. i hope you all are doing ok, so glad your mum is there and you are keepning safe x

  4. Awwww, those 'stand up hold photos' are absolutely adorable! Lily looks so chuffed with herself. High five for no drops either!
    Lily's ice portrait is wonderful! It really captures how kids get such a kick out of the changes that occurring in our cold town. I can hear her saying "Real ice" in that beautiful voice of hers :)
    Eli's portrait is a knock out. Love the composition and the moment you captured. Way to go Eli - licking the biscuit pretty much means no one else will want it ;)
    And little Miles in his coat. A treasured photo indeed. You know I totally dig on hand me downs. Harper never believes me when I tell her that I bought her a piece of clothing! It is such a rarity!

    Lovely, lovely winter shots this week kate :)

    1. thanks lovely! lol yeah Eli sure knows how to make sure no one else wants his food :)

  5. Oh! Those pictures of Lily and Miles are THE BEST! Love the expressions you captured. She looks like she is about to burst with pride and happiness :) Although I have to say, I'm surprised that this was her first 'stand-up hold'. She seems like such a competent mini-mama I imagined her toting him around months ago!

    1. thanks tarnya!! yeah i was so in love w their expressions i had to post them all (well, not all but a few, ha). Yes... well to be honest I was wavering for a while. She would have LOVED to have been toting him all over the house since day one... and I knew she would be super careful and protective - but then even little babies can wriggle and I just didnt want her to be responsible for hurting him if she dropped him or he swung his head back or whatever. But now he is a little sturdier and she is that bit stronger/older it seems fine. She does hold, lift, shuffle and move him around when seated but wasnt sure when to let her actually carry him. LOL there is my whole thought process, im sure more info than anyone wanted ;) xx

  6. lily looks so cute holding Milo! What a lovely bond xx

  7. Oh those beautiful photos of Lily and Miles bring back memories, Indigo was EXACTLY the same, she was always wanting to stand up holding Jackson when he was a baby, I guess it was what I was doing with him, so she wanted to do the same. It is such a wonderful bonding time for them and if Miles is anything like Jackson, he will adore his big sister in the years to come.

  8. It sounds like you are in a lovely place with your family right now, Kate. That is such a good feeling and I'm happy for you! Little Miles is growing - look at all that hair! Love the picture of the sweet little bootied feet. :)


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