Monday, 30 October 2017

The November Christmas Shopping Challenge!

Are you up to the challenge?!

That's right, challenge yourself to get ALL your Christmas shopping done in November - well, as much as possible anyway!


  • Because it means you get ALL of December to enjoy the magic of the holiday season with your friends and family without the stress and frazzle of last minute Christmas shopping.
  • You can avoid the hectic shops through ALL of December!!! #BONUS
  • Plenty of time for your online shopping to arrive (I do pretty much all my Christmas shopping online, how about you??)
  • You (and the kids!) don't get drawn into and tempted by all the crazy last minute Christmas advertising - shopping is already done, so just ignore the ads and go sing Christmas carols together, lol!
  • More time to enjoy Christmas parties, summery outings, school concerts, Christmas lights with the kids and even.... relaxing!!
  • If a last minute need for a present for someone crops up, it's not such a drama as you have plenty of 'bandwidth' to get something 'cos everything else is taken care of.

Every year, for the last few years, we have aimed to do all our Christmas shopping during November. A flurry of emails go back and forth between hubby and I from November 1st as we finalise our gift list (we do talk in real life too, haha) and get everything sorted. We don't really buy much for the kids or a huge extended family, but it still makes such a big difference to get it started early and be able to have that stress all taken care of come December 1st. Honestly, it's a huge relief and makes such a difference to launch into the silly season with the main to-do all taken care of.

More time for memory making and holiday fun? YES PLEASE!

So, why not join the challenge? Get cracking now and have it all done by December 1st.... then enjoy a fun, relaxing, magical Christmas season with your family and friends.

Let's do this!!!


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  1. Thanks for the great idea and encouragement to reduce last minute stress, Kate! :)


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