Wednesday, 4 October 2017

36.52 A frog named Minnesota and the girl who loved him

Lily and Minnesota 

I can't believe I have been so remiss as to not have already featured some images and the story of Lily and her little frog.

It all began over six months ago. Our family was helping out at a working bee, clearing out an outdoor area and somebody found this sweet little frog in an old bucket in a shed. My animal obsessed daughter begged and begged to take him home. As providence would have it, we had somehow aquired a small acrylic fish tank a couple of weeks earlier and so I hesitantly (reluctantly?!) said yes. Yes, as long as she researched how to care for him and took on full responsibility for the frog herself and covered all costs. Does that sound too mean?? Ok, I had a lot on my plate at that point so just couldn't take on any more.

Eagerly, she still said yes. She googled and researched his breed, how to care for a frog and his favourite foods. She worked out it was a male frog due to the different number of toes/webbing (?! I don't remember the term because I am not a frog expert, lol, you will have to ask her). She spends her own pocket money on buying crickets from the pet shop, and breeds meal worms for his snacks. She keeps him faithfully fed and watered and changes up his environment with varying little rocks, logs and ornaments. He loves to climb but mostly loves to hide between rocks where no one can see him. She keeps the tank in her bedroom and I never knew a frog (apart from Kermit) that was showered with such love and attention, haha! She also rarely holds him (apart from for these photos) as she knows it's not good for his skin.

Only once, very early on, did he manage to somehow escape his tank in her bedroom. We thought he was gone for good until the next morning he came hopping across the kitchen floor!!!! What a fright it gave me!!

I admit I didn't have high expectations on life expectancy but she has kept little Minnesota alive and happy for over six months now. I am truly impressed with her faithfulness and care and how she has taken on such responsibility so independently.

Needless to say, all this has ramped up her campaign for a dog quite considerably!! ;)

Oh and if you wondered about the name?? Firstly, Lily seems to have a gift for naming things with such quirky and original flair. When I asked about how she came up with the name Minnesota she casually replied that she was just thinking about countries that had lots of frogs!!!!

Lollllll, I love this girl with every fibre of my being. Never change, Lily my love xx

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