Tuesday, 27 January 2015

miles.tones // two years

Our little ray of sunshine is two whole years old! It seems, as it does for all mothers, both forever and yet just a heartbeat away from these magic moments.

Miles is two (yes, even the baby of the family gets to grow up!), and he is most gloriously and assuredly two. Full of spunk, personality and giggles. Like every two year old he is also busy, busy, busy! He may be the youngest but he makes himself heard amidst our noisy clan, that's for sure. At the dinner table the other night he even piped up 'Scuse me!' - trying to get his two cents in! If I am holding him but not listening to him well enough, he takes my cheeks or chin in his chubby little hands and moves my face to look directly at him or whatever other thing he is talking about. So funny! There is something about him, a certain self-assurance... he knows his own mind, this boy :)

What else is going on in the world of this newly-turned-two-year old? Hmmm, milestones.... (I guess I should try to keep track of some!!). Well. He is chatting up a storm. It's incredible to witness the language explosion at this age. He is talking in up to 4 or 5 word sentences at times and breaking out a new word every day (just don't ask me for specifics, let's be real, I don't keep a list, lol). But he is talking and talking, that's for sure. I just love this age, love hearing him able to express his thoughts and opinions more clearly day on day. Everything from 'pinnabudda toast' to 'close wishwasha?' (he is obsessed with closing doors including making sure the dishwasher door is always shut - very detail oriented, this kid!!!!). He also loves to pack away (woot!) - well, for now ;)

He is also now nappy/diaper-free during the day!! Three or four months or so behind the other two kids ('cos he's my third and I just didn't have as much time to take him to the potty, let's be honest!! Oops!). But it is soooo cute to hear him call out 'Go go wee-wee! Kik, kik!!' (quick quick). Potty time is usually a family affair, with the older kids gathering to read him books, and sing a celebration song whenever required!

Miles is without doubt still a cherished little Prince. I can now see how it is soooo easy to spoil the baby of the family, especially as his doting siblings are so quick to grant his every wish. I am trying to make sure he still hears the word 'no' and gets plenty of healthy limits and boundaries! Challenging when he is so darn adorable but we do our best ;)

My little sunshine had a few months of being more like a storm cloud, being rather devastated when every whim was not immediately granted. Just lately though he has started simply responding with a simple, calm 'Okay' when I set a limit, rather than shrieking in disapproval. It is so cute. Luckily by the third child. shrieking and tantrums don't get you too far anyway, it's like 'Oh really, that's all you got?!' heehee... so it seems he has moved on ;)

(fist pump) Ohh yeah, two at last!!
If I lie really still maybe they will stop taking photos...

Dearest Miles, you are a darling little snuggle bug. I love your cheeky grin and those huge eyes which you know how to work, telling me you understand perfectly everything going on around you. I love how you throw yourself at me for 'cuggles'. They are the sweetest moments I treasure. 

Baby boy, you've kept your curls even through your first cut!! No idea how long they will stick around, but I will delight in them while they do :) You love being outside, pottering around after your siblings, trying your best to keep up. Right now your favourite activities are chalk drawing outside, building with Duplo and blocks and zooming cars. You are my first real car-and-truck obsessed kiddo. You love to read books. You are really getting into puzzles like your big brother. You love your siblings, you always ask where they are and beg to play in their room with them. You request a goodnight cuddle with every family member. You also love to identify any items in the home belonging to a family member and immediately reuniting them. Daddy's slippers are toted to him across the house, along with his head torch. Lily's dresses are taken from her cupboard and given to her in the lounge room. My shoes are often pilfered and presented several times a day. We may not actually need those items but we love your pride in being able to deliver them ;) 

You are a social little guy. You love visitors and visiting. Sometimes you get so excited when friends come over, you start performing like a little pony, rolling all over the floor and attempting to stand on your head. We just stand there bemused at the performance! You know the name of so many friends and family, asking after them. You LOVE to go in the car, begging me from first thing in the morning to take you for a drive. You loooove to eat, always ready for a meal. You seem to have a high standard of dress, as you request shoes and a hat first from thing in the morning and wear them all day, even sometimes wearing a hat to bed haha. Oh kiddo, I love seeing all your quirks emerge :)

I admit it's hard to remember at times that you are actually no longer a baby. Although you will always be my baby of course ;) but when given opportunity you show us what a big boy you really are,  following instructions and quite capable of many tasks. Don't ever let your baby status hold you back, little man!

Your pure, joyful love and affection always brings me such happiness. Soul soothing, you are. You bring such joy to our family. You completed us in ways I never imagined. You bring us delight and we bring to you our love and devotion. I am so excited to see you unfurl even more in the coming years. Two year olds are my favourite and Buddy - you are top of the list. 

Can't wait to hang out with you more this year, my little tagalong. After two years in the shadow of your siblings, we are suddenly going to get a lot more time just the two of us together and I am really looking forward to getting to know you even better, buddy boy.

My bear, my boo, oh, I just adore you xx

... and in a flash he's off on more two year old adventures....

His collage...

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  1. Such a cutie!! Happy Birthday! My nephew loves shutting doors too!


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