Sunday, 4 January 2015

52/52 - and so this is...

Here we are, wrapping up my 52nd portrait for the 52nd week in 2014. A teensy bit late, but we have been busy. The week of Christmas, it was a big one. I will write soon about plans for 2015 but for now.... here 'tis...


I had so much fun watching her create this gingerbread house - full of vision, determination and creativity, as always! 

A sweet little tradition.


In the midst of the wrapping paper tumbleweeds on Christmas morning, he is most thrilled to find that he and Lily were given the same 'magic plates' to draw on. 

'Matching!!' he proclaimed happily. 

Dear boy, he loves to do everything with his sister.


He looooved the unwrapping this year, taking time to carefully shred the paper even after the gift had been revealed. 

'Wow!!!' he bellowed, every time :)


He had several sweet gift ideas for the kids this year, one of which was to buy Eli a matching baseball cap to him, as Eli has always admired his. Needless to say, Mr E was so happy to be matching his adored Daddy :) 

Oh, and a small Daddy/Eli anecdote to record before I forget it. Driving in the car all together, Eli was commenting on his itchy mosquito bites, so Mark explained how Mosquitos bite/draw blood. At the end, Eli said sincerely 'Thank you, Daddy, for telling me all about mosquitos!' Just so sincere, so guileless, so appreciative. I love his tender heart. Moments like these are little treasures I carry through my days, giving me a small smile and a warm heart every time xx

Project 52: A portrait of my family once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

It was a wonderfully relaxed Christmas. Just the way we like it. This year was richer than ever, with both sets of parents here to celebrate with us! What a rarity (first time ever) and what a blessing. Christmas morning we had a lovely little brunch at Mark's parents home, with my parents there too. We then rolled home for naps/rest/break (mmm, so welcomed!) then in the afternoon cruised over to my auntie's home to hang out with the rest of the extended family till well into the evening. A beautiful day, feeling extra conscious and grateful this year for the rich blessing of our supportive family.

A few days before Christmas we ventured into the city to see camels and Xmas lights and all kinds of Christmas fun! A play in the fountain was required too, of course.

Enjoying the world's most chocolatey and decadent gelato

They spent quite some time trying to imitate these safe-road-crossers!
Under a sky of lights...

I heard an almighty shriek from the backyard and thought 'Well, someone has finally lost a leg out there' but no, it turned out the hysterical shrieking was because our first raspberry had finally ripened, lol!!!! Thanks for the heart attack, Lily!
Christmas Eve, after opening their traditional gift of new PJs and a book :)

Three very excited little treasures on Christmas Eve :)
We went out for a quick visit to see the lights before bed time on Christmas Eve (we also ended up going to the park earlier, but I will post those pics separately as this is already too long!). Miles got given a lollipop and he really thought all his Christmases had come at once!!! ;)
Walking through an enchanting tunnel of childhood lights and delights. Ok, so it wasn't dark yet (I didnt want to keep the kids up till 9pm on Xmas Eve) but we all still loved it. 

I'm not really into Santa photos, but Santa arrived just as we were about to leave the lights, and the kids were keen, so we went for it. Not too shabby? They were thrilled!

Scattering reindeer food before bed. Lily said 'I'm so excited!! I'm going to be awake at the first glimmer of dawn!!'
Ha! Where does she get this stuff??
Twas the night before Christmas.... stockings are filled, presents are piled up (note: not all of these are for the kids!!!!) and it's time for the parents to get a few zzzz's. This little scene makes my heart smile, These are precious days...
Our pile of Christmas books from our Book Advent on the left. Mark found this little wheelbarrow on the right at Aldi and couldn't resist getting it for Miles :)
The kids most requested gift was a snow globe and they were thrilled to get one!! I made sure to get plastic ones this year, so they weren't broken by the end of the day (ummm, unlike last year!!). 

Every year I make cinnamon scrolls to nibble while we open Christmas gifts but this year for the first time I made the dough myself (rather than using frozen puff pastry... thanks to the Tmx!!). Mmmm, just like the ones I loved in America :)

New clothes for the poor kid who mostly lives in hand me downs ;)

She got pink headphones for listening to audio books at bed time... but cheekily managed to get Papa's iPod so she could listen to a few tunes on Xmas day!

A best friend for her beloved Lottie - a School Girl Lottie.  She calls her new friend LuLu :)

He got given a small chocolate and gobbled it down eagerly. Then sat there for five minutes with this expression on his face. It was so sad/funny!! Yes, buddy, this is why Mama is such a meanie about limiting the sugar intake! ;)
Later he found a chocolate wrapper, then I watched him run to the other side of the yard, sit down alone and open it.... to find it empty. Sneaky and cheeky or what?!
Water pistols were the big highlight of the day, the kids shrieking with delight and getting drenched. Papa, just a big kid himself, had a blast with them. I just loved watching them :) Such fun!

'Ummm, do you mind? I have goldfish to stalk here!'

Nothing says Christmas magic like dangling macrame tealight candle holders and sparkly goldleaf trees. My artistic family make everything so beautiful and creative - love it :)

A cheesy wink and a thumbs up. Love these boys!

Taking a quiet moment.
The best bit... the day after Christmas. A quiet day with no plans, just a whole day free to play with their Christmas bounty. This Lego Creator Kit was a huge hit and has led to all kinds of new building!


  1. What an absolutely lovely family you have, loved their reactions to their presents very sweet and that gingerbread house is amazing!

  2. Well done Kate on completing ANOTHER photography project. You are really on a role, and as always I am impressed with your dedication and the beautiful moments you capture throughout the year. A HUGE pat on the back for you my dear friend!

    This is such a massive post and one with some many wonderful Christmas moments. I just love the matching basketball hats. What a thoughtful gift! I really love how you and Mark take time to really think about what will be treasured and appreciated by your kids (the wheelbarrow for Miles - great gift! and the headphones for Lily for audiobooks - wonderful idea! Harper would indeed like a pair of those hot pink babies! ;) ) I love all the shots with the kids in their new pjs and the matching ones between Eli and Lily - simply adorable!

    Well done Kate. These photos and all the ones before them will be treasured by you and your family. xxxx

    PS can't wait to hear what you do in 2015!!!


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