Sunday, 11 January 2015

christmas eve // park trio

'Twas the night before Christmas, and we decided to take the kids for a quick viewing of some Christmas lights, for a little extra Christmas magic (and to burn off a little Christmas Eve excitement too!). With a big day ahead, we didn't want to keep them up till it got dark at 9pm so we headed out at 7pm figuring they would still love the lights even if it wasn't actually dark yet ;) However, we were so keen we got there a little toooo early - the lights didn't start twinkling till 7.30! We decided to stroll down to a nearby park to pass the time. 

There we had the most lovely little summer's evening play and I even got some pretty sweet impromptu group shots of my trio. I consider that my Christmas gift!!!

This time of year, this age.... simply the best, I tell ya! 

Magic, joy, family, thankfulness, all wrapped up in Christmas :)

Whenever Miles sees the older two race ahead, he begs to get down and run after them. He doesn't want to be carried, he does't want a helping hand, he wants to race after them on his own two feet. Seeing him huff and puff as he trundles away is just so adorable... always trying to keep up with his siblings!

Coming! Coming!

'I made it'

Miles discovered the way he felt most confident to cross the rocky bridge

Not the safest swinging method, but well intentioned...

Do you mind? You dont need to hold me like I'm a baby!
It's a winner?! All sort of looking and sort of smiling? :)

May they always cling to each other so tightly, no matter what the future holds.
Three blessings, they bring me such joy. A lot of work too ;) but mostly joy xx
Shrieks of laughter, like music to my heart x
I'll wait for you to catch up, little buddy xx
Off they go again, all together this time xx
My clan... off and running to see the Christmas lights. Time for me to put my camera away and catch up! 


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous light on the park photos. And I am such a sucker for matching pjs xx

    1. thanks kate, me too, it might be my new addiction esp for the boys heehee!

  2. Beautiful shots Kate. I especially love the swing shot.

    1. thanks kylie! such a happy coincidence the sun was setting just at the right time!


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