Sunday, 1 February 2015

#highlightsreel // toys hanging from the rafters

The last couple weeks of our school holidays have been filled with adventurous outings, lazy quiet home days, family time and catch ups with friends. 

Kinda the way school holidays are meant to be, in my opinion! So thankful for this time with my little duckies. I savour school holidays, the togetherness and break from routine make for many sweet moments.

These are precious days, I don't want to miss a minute xx

PS Sorry all the photos are all crazy different sizes. Well, sorrynotsorry I'm just too lazy to fix them ;)

I went into the kids room late at night to give the ccompulsory parental 'kiss and tuck' (do you ever stop doing this?) and found this somewhat bizarre, creepy, hilarious scene. I mean really, what do you make of this??? Oh, Eli.

Not sure if this is more comforting or terrifying? Clearly it was comforting to him, as in the morning he told me 'Mum, did you see all my toys, I hanged them there and they were looking at me!' I guess the middle child can never have too much attention??! ;)
Sleeping peacefully while his toys watch over him ;)
My funny, quirky, amazing boy.
Busily filling the freezer for back to school... chia and sesame seed pizza scrolls
Toilet time is a bit of a family affair/entertainment central these days...
'Do you mind?'
This girl has been putting her creative mind to work over the holidays. One day she decided to whip up her own portable 'desk'!!! So many little details - pencil holder, glue holder, cut outs for notepads and cards to slot into and many other touches. I don't know how she comes up with this stuff, I only know that  bringing her visions to life makes her so very happy and satisfied. Artistic genius at work, y'all!
On a rainy sort of day, we took a little trip to Old Parliament House to cruise around and check out their amazing new kids play area called Play Up. The kids were fascinated by it all!
Miles considering running for government. With that smile, he would win for sure!

Building fun and having a blast, such a fantastic space for kids!

Many steps were taken towards our democracy. Something it is so easy to take for granted in this country!
Running free in the rose gardens
Sometimes you just gotta eat your watermelon in peace.
He wandered over to this bench 10 metres away and propped himself up, if you please!
The best fun of the day was hanging off this branch :)

They decided they were going to clean the pantry for me. Thanks kids!!
We celebrated his second birthday with a park venture and a babycino :) My precious boy, I love all two years of you xx
Made my wheels-obsessed boy a little construction cake. Think I went a little bit overboard with the Oreo 'dirt' but he was impressed so that's the main thing :) He said 'Woooow' and used one of the diggers to scoop cake into his mouth!

Lily and Eli took *all* their savings and begged to go to the toyshop to buy something for their baby brother :) Well, first they begged to buy him a REAL kitten or puppy but I cruelly had to negate that. So they settled on this adorable Shleich dog figure, a toy truck and one of his favourite presents of the day - a little red rake. You can just never tell what will be the big hit huh? He would NOT let go of the rake, lol.
When it came time to blow out the candles, he tried to do so by puffing air through his nose. Cutest everrrrrr.

Lovely Amber gave him a Duplo set and goodness, it was a hit! He was so.very.serious about stacking that tower!!
What a blessing it was to have a quiet family birthday dinner with TWO sets of grandparents present :) Very special indeed! Miles with Nana and Papa - but too busy looking at sparkles and flowers to check the camera however ;)

Miles loves his Papa xx
Puzzle time with Papa and Eli.
The kids are loving exploring their new Magnatiles which were a generous gift from our lovely friend Kate at An Everyday Story  They are incredible building toys that are open to so much creativity! These first tentative assemblies are only just the beginning.... Every time I walk past the play table they are trying something new, it has been fascinating to watch :)

A little house building before bed... more elaborate creations still to come....
A bundle of blessings :) I know these pics look sweet but they are also high on *volume* as the kids shriek 'CUGGLEESSSS' then dive into a group hug, over and over and over. Moments before, Mark and I were part of the huddle too, it was pretty delicious. Love my family xx
It's the little clutching hands and looks that slay me xx

She dressed herself like this for church and then told me she was feeling like she
was 'dressed a bit like from the olden days, Mum!!'

'Miles, just look right here!'

He's my favourite super hero xx
We enjoyed a quick overnight trip to Sydney to celebrate the wedding of my dearest
step brother and his lovely bride. A beautiful, emotional day xx

Rarest of all was to be united with my two dear sisters - without our collective NINE children. All frocked up and no little sticky hands all over us for a change, lol. It was a strange but wonderful time :)
Love my family xx


  1. Lovely, lovely photos Kate. I adore the ones of Miles with your mum and David. So special. I also love the B & W siblings shots you got - they are so beautiful and genuine! Love!

    1. thanks amber! i was very happy too to capture some genuine love and joy this week. special memories x


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