Thursday, 19 February 2015

#highlightsreel // running wild and free

Ok, just a teensy bit behind with this post!! 

These photos are actually from late January - so before school went back. 

Summer holiday highlights, already so lovely to look back on...

The Magnatiles are still getting a good work out... a new creation every day!

Enjoying experimenting with light and colour...

A cloudy but perfect day at the National Arboretum...the Pod Playground is always
spectacular and inviting....
This is the face of cheeky little lady who knows she has her Uncle Chris (visiting from Perth) wrapped around her little finger. Asking him to climb up into the playground tunnel, already knowing he won't deny her request!

Playground Ninja

Another Playground Ninja...

Shoulder rides with Dad, with Telstra Tower in the background...
Two kids are running wild and free in there, if you can spot them!
Love wide open spaces and how they inspire children to just take off running...
Snack break

Quite the start off the blocks! Oh, Eli!

We spent a wonderful and relaxed morning with Amber and her kiddos at the new
Boundless Playground - an amazing new facility set up to be inclusive of kids of
all abilities. The kids loved it. Miles especially loved nabbing two biscuits and taking
himself off to a quiet rock to enjoy them ;)
Miles managed to get Eli's cap and was enjoying just strolling around solo most of the morning.
He is so independent and just makes me laugh so much with the way he cruises around in his own world. My little Bear.
Those cheeks. Delicious!!! Oh, little bear why you gotta be sooooo adorable?! Just want to eat you up!!
A bounty of home grown cherry tomatoes, ready to turn into something else...
Making use of my Mum's 1980's dehydrator. It still does the job!! :)
Our first jar of sun-dried tomatoes!!
I recently got some of these silicone IcyPole tubes (Calippo style) and I am soooooooooo in love. Firstly, because they mean pretty much NO DRIPS and most of all because I can shove them into any nook and cranny of our very full freezer. With the old 'stick and tube' style one I pretty much had to clear a whole shelf (hence, not many icypoles for my poor deprived children). Happy Mum, happy kids ;)
PS Eli has just woken up from a nap, hence the drowsy look!
We spent a day clearing out the kids room, decluttering and sorting with them. Miss Lily really went to town with my label maker, haha!! I had to cut her off before she labeled every item in the room. 'Joolre' is my fave :)
Love boy/girl room sharing combos - jewellery drawers mixed with diggers and Transformers :)
When the kids were having some quiet play in their room before bed, we discovered they had decided to complete the room clear out themselves... they sorted out all their shoes and made a huge pile to donate. They were so excited to give them away to other children!
Eli eagerly fishing out random items from under the bed and vacuuming with the dust-buster too!
These kids.... I do love 'em :)

More than ever, I am grateful for this trio of blessings xx


  1. Sweet collection of photos Kate. I really love the shots you got at the Aboretum. It's such an inspiring place and always a good place to take your camera along to ;) - Amber . K (my google profile is playing up!)

    1. heehee thanks Amber! Yes so hard to resist photos in that gorgeous location - and they felt different that day as it was so overcast and moody! I try to only take my camera every second visit or my blog would be just arboretum photos haha ;)


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