Thursday, 24 July 2014

kinetic sand // digging in!

Have you heard about Kinetic sand? Better yet, have you played with it?

When Mark's parents kindly asked what we thought Eli would like for his birthday, I was quick to suggest something I thought he would just looove - kinetic sand! I'd heard amazing things and I just knew it was the kind of thing Eli would love to dig his fingers into - literally. He loves his sensory play, that boy! It was the perfect gift that would get hours of play to come... (thanks Marg and Dave)!

If you haven't heard of Kinetic Sand.... be prepared for your mind to be blown, haha. Yes, it's kinda like regular sand... but so much more. It's 98% sand and 2% magic, as they say. That 2% being something called Polymer. Somehow, it sticks together, not spraying everywhere or getting under your nails so its great to play with indoors. It forms together in incredible shapes, yet with a slight touch, it comes alive, oozing and pouring away. You can slice and dice it and mold it and pour it. It's fluffy, it seems to almost move by itself. It's cool to touch, slightly damp yet not wet or sticky. It's just.... a whole lotta fun! Trust me ;)

Here is a clip that shows the wonders of Kinetic Sand.... (but you really have to feel it yourself!)

It is pretty pricey, but lasts a lifetime so if you think it's something your kids would realllllly enjoy, then I think it's a good investment. You can also get little kits of tools to take the play even further. Look around on eBay for good deals, though after much searching the best deal I found at the time was here. (It seems like the 5kg packs can be hard to find in stock?).

When Eli opened the gift on the night of his birthday, the whole family (including grandparents) could not stop touching this stuff... it really is an experience! I had seen and read so much, but it's true - until you touch it yourself, you just can't fully understand how intriguing it is, the way it forms and falls, it's so textural and soothing and just a sensory delight. Not to mention the endless creative possibilities.

These photos are from our first proper play session (of many more so far). So many ways to explore, this was just our first little taste :)

Melting from their hands.... it's amazing to see and  feel it 'pour'.

Notice how it doesn't all just spray everywhere like normal sand, so makes it a great indoor experience as does not get so messy. If clumps fall out, you can pick them back up by pressing them with another clump of sand.

Slicing and dicing!

We have yet to unleash event a fraction of the possibilities I am sure! So much fun to come...

If you have played with Kinetic sand before, fill me in with ideas of ways to extend the play. I saw somewhere they used ink stamps to press letters into the rolled out sand - fun! What else?? 


  1. We are yet to try kinetic sand but I keep seeing it pop up! I think we'll have to bite the bullet and give some a try! :)

    1. you won't regret it :) it's super fun - for kids AND adults, heehee

  2. We absolutely love kinetic sand! The ideas are endless. I must admit, I couldn't stop playing with the kinetic sand myself :)

    1. It is so fantastic huh - well, us adults have to get some fun too huh!! ;)


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