Monday, 7 July 2014

27/52 - roses, kisses, awards


My daughter, the eager, happy learner.

My precious, hard-working girl received the Principal's Term Award for her class at her school assembly. We had been given the quiet head's up by her teacher so Mark, I and even Nana were able to be there to surprise her. We were all burstiing with pride, of course! (So much so, a little water may have seeped from our eyes). Not so much for the 'award' itself, but for the lovely, meaningful words written by her teacher (which were read aloud by the Principal), and for how much she has thrived in her first six months of school. 

My baby girl, just rockin' her way through Kindy  *sniff*

My son, the thoughtful giver.

Out doing the grocery shop with Dad, he spotted the flower display and asked if he could please buy some roses for Mummy. Daddy said 'yes' (smart man!).

He came racing through the door, sweet little bouquet in hand, thrusting them at me 'These are for you, Mummy!'. Melted my heart of course!

My little Romeo. You have such a tender heart. You will make a special lady so very happy one day if you keep up the sweet gestures like that! 

(Clearly picked up some tips from your wonderful father!)


My son, the enthusiastic 'helper'.

He was so eager, diligently unstacking, then restacking the container drawers ;)


My husband, still my favourite person to hang out with.

The smile says it all. Friday night. Kids in bed early. Chilling on the couch together, with a sneaky pizza and an episode of our current favourite show to watch together - The Time of Our Lives.

And indeed it is... the best time of our lives :)

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

He fell asleep with a beloved car clutched in each hand. He thinks they have 'friendly eyes'. Almost four yet still my little baby boy.

Taking time to....
Collapsible curtain rods make handy stages for an impromptu performance.

After realising we were both in stripes and jeans, Lily insisted on having
her hair in a bun so we could be 'twins'! :)

Pink polka-dot, lace trimmed high-tops? Yes, please!

Those whispy bits. 

'Now, who's going to clean up all this mess?'
A bit of brotherly bonding through the glass. It looks sweet but also involved a lot of shrieking, giggling and pounding. I'd say pretty typical where brothers are involved, right??
'This is so fun!'

Leaving their mark
Standing up, so brave at assembly!
Very thoughtful words from her lovely teacher. That's our girl!!!
Free dress day at school, she came up with this purple concoction! (Including a purple top). Girls got her style!

Dessert Night: Generally, the kid's diet is pretty much sugar-free (don't tell them about my nightly chocolate hit, haha). Lately they have been asking about this mystical thing called 'dessert' - not something we usually eat except when we have visitors. And sometimes requesting 'treats' too. So I nicked a clever idea from my friend Amber and instituted 'Dessert Night'. Now, they only ask if it's dessert night yet, and happily accept that treats/sweets will be available then. As it's very chilled around here on a Friday night, this usually means I am now rummaging around the back of the pantry for some left over party bag loot. Hence, we are finally now making our way through the Easter stash!!

Although blurry, I am so happy to finally capture this special nightly event. Every evening, in the dark and the chill, Eli
pulls on his gumboots and runs outside to 'lock up the chooks' after their afternoon free-range around the backyard. (They put themselves to bed, so only the coop needs to be locked). While Lily fusses and worries that he will be eaten by foxes ('Don't go, Eli!!), he blithely, bravely ventures into the cold dark night to do his duty. It sums him up so well - cheerful, brave, little helper.
'Just take a photo of my city, Mum'
I am obsessed with this face.


  1. Like the new Mark look!

  2. Hooray, Lily! What a fantastic note from her teacher. The twin shot is so great. .What fun it must be to have a little girl.I really like the photo of her jumping too.

    Your Eli sounds as sweet as my Silas. He often asks Daddy if he can buy me flowers or cards. Like you, it melts me into a big puddle :-) He looks super cute in those window shots with Miles.

    I can't believe how big your "helper" is these days. He looks so much like you. I just adore his hair.

    1. thanks faith! yes twin shots is just one of the many fun things about having a daughter heehee! aw silas is such a dear boy too, they know how to win their mama's hearts huh :)

      yes miles is getting so big and its bizarre how much he looks like me as a baby! thanks hon x

  3. Congratulations, Lily! What a lovely note from her teacher :-)

    Eli is just too sweet and definitely a keeper! Such a gorgeous little man.

    And I agree with Faith, when did your little helper get so big!? He is just adorable.

    1. thanks so much! yes miles is getting to be such a 'boy'now - where's my baby?! :)


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