Sunday, 25 August 2013

34/52 - little book lovers


This week we celebrated the joys of reading, books and all things literacy with Book Week.

Lily's Preschool hosted an adorable event - Bedtime Stories! The kids came along to the school at night (!) cosied up in pyjamas and dressing gowns (!!). A lovely local author told charming stories to enchant the children and it was a very special little evening for all. Lily was thrilled with the outing :)


This is E's collection of 'trucks'.

 His latest adorable quirk is an obsession with them. He (I am not kidding) diligently moves them around from room to room with him through out the day. ALL OF THEM. It is so funny! He parks them under a table in the bedroom over night too.

He regularly asks me with utmost sincerity and seriousness 'Do you love my trucks, Mummy?'  

Yes, I do, Eli. I really do. (And by trucks, I mean you).


I loooove these little tootsies!

These feet kick and swing and wiggle underneath the highchair, seemingly disconnected to what is going on above the highchair tray.

Yes, they originally had socks on them, but they soon found themselves on the floor. I am yet to find socks or booties that this kid cannot remove in less than three minutes. Truly.

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was....

After snapping a shot of his little feet, I glanced up to see this crazy-cute and inquisitive face peering down at me.
'What on earth are you doing, Mother?!'

Miles' Baby-Led-Weaning Guide to Picking Up Food - In Just Six Easy Steps!!

Lily & Books: For 'Book Character Dress Up Day' at Preschool, it took Lily 2
seconds to decide to go as Cinderella - thanks to Harper for loaning her
 the dress! She took along our favourite collection of fairy tales and nursery
rhymes and the teacher even read some aloud which L was sooo pleased by!

I recently started reading 'Chapter Books' with Lily. My Mum has been reading them to her for a while and when she turned five I thought I had better start too! :) We have been cosily working our way through the Milly-Molly-Mandy series. Love snuggling with her in the evening, reading these enchanting little tales and bringing back memories of when I read them as a little girl. The stories are just so charming and sweet! And so is the time quietly reading with my girl.

(Sorry for bad iPhone pic!)

Miles & Books: This little boy gets a (surprising) amount of reading for a third child! The older two are constantly
reading to him, or propping books up in front of him 'for him to read'. We also include him in family story and he does
not take his eyes from the page!!

Boys Night

Mark took Eli out for a 'father and son' night - a haircut and some fun games at an arcade. 

I don't think I am overstating it to say it was pretty much the best night of Eli's life!! He had SO MUCH FUN just having one-on-one time with Daddy, plus all the fun and noise and craziness in the arcade.

Somehow my little boy went out a three year old and came home looking at least five?!?! So grown up!!! The short hair, the touch of gel (90's style!) from the hairdresser and the big adventure out just with his beloved Dad all contributed to one very happy little/big boy. 

Thumbs up for a fun night out with his awesome Daddy!

Blue Steel

Discovering bulbs popping up in the garden... Spring is a'comin!

Spring is peeking out and we are so very ready for the change of season!


  1. A HEAP of great shots and memories in this week's post Kate! I love the little book theme you had going on (of coarse ;) ) The trucks shot with them all huddled together under Eli's feet is a fabulous way to document his current love (oh and I LOVE the question he asked you - what a funny boy!)
    Who doesn't love baby toes (BTW we borrowed a book from the library called 'Ten Tiny Toes - not the Mem Fox one, and it is the sweetest book. It is all about what those ten toes are capable of in a baby's first year and beyond. That photo just reminded me of it.)
    The BLW progress shot is wonderful! Really shows how it all unfolds and how after a bit of persistence they get there!
    Glad that Lily got to wear Harper's dress up. I will have to show Harper the photo tomorrow :)
    And yes! Eli looks about three years old - yikes! He really does suit those spikes! Gorgeous!

  2. It has been awhile since I popped in and I just have to say... Wasn't Miles JUST born? Like... no! It can't be! Lily looks so pleased with herself, all dressed up and with her book.
    Lovely to "see" you all again - I'm going to go dig through some past posts and catch up with you!

  3. Such a cute haircut!!!! Wwe started reading chapter books a few months ago with the kiddos. . . though nate kind of comes and goes in the listening, Tilly loves it!!! We read through the BFG and are now doing the Little House on the Prairie series, which definitely bring back memories for me :)


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